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NOTE: All of our premium Arabica coffees are roasted to City+ to Full City roasts, showing minimal-to-no surface oils….we want all of the flavor to stay in the beans until the coffee is ground! Despite the additional descriptors, the first flavor and aroma you'll think of is "COFFEE".

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Ethiopia Asikana Farms Tree-Dried natural process Asikana Farms in the Aira District, West Welega region is a relatively new enterprise, starting in roughly 2018, and made a splash when it shipped its first container of natural (dry) process coffee arond ...
Origin: Ethiopia
$18.95 / lb.
Mexico Organic Fantastico El Cuarenteno While Mexico continues to rank in the top 10 coffee producers in the world, the bulk of it production hails from
the Southeastern regions of Chiapas, Veracruz and Oaxaca. The small State of Nayarit, ...
Origin: Mexico
$18.95 / lb.
Papua New Guinea Par Avion Papua New Guinea, remote outpost of legends,  intrigues us in its history and coffee. This is our first coffee from the very remote, relatively inaccessible Simbai region, a jungly, mountainous area bordering ...
Origin: Papua-New-Guinea
$16.95 / lb.
Rwanda FTO Abakundakawa Ishema Next Generation One of our fave origins is back! Only about the size of the US State of Maryland, Rwanda is one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in Africa. With approximately 90% of Rwanda's 11 million ...
Origin: Rwanda
$16.95 / lb.
Brazil FAF Bobolink Fazenda Sao Felipe Vanessa Moreno Fazenda São Felipe is located closeby the city of Franca, in the Alta Mogiana region. The farm is in the hands of Vanessa's family for several generations. A while back, Vanessa left the rural area for ...
Origin: Brazil
$18.95 / lb.
Brazil FAF Bobolink Serra Dos Ciganos Natural Process My connection to the coffee-growing collective aka FAF (Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza) came through a fellow cellist who was playing at their annual music festival and knew the Croce family from Chicago. ...
Origin: Brazil
$18.95 / lb.
Gary's Rx Limited Edition Espresso Together with my pal and assistant roaster Dr. G we can up this limited edition espresso, named in his honor. 
All of the components are roasted separately and assessed based on their own sensory merits ...
Origin: Ethiopia, Mexico
$16.95 / lb.
Stradivarius Espresso (aka Deep Cello) A richly sweet, hedonistic medley of fruity, spicy, and single origin chocolate deliciousness.   Divine, crema-laden dark mahogany mottling ristretti as well as full flavor in milk or soy-based preparations. ...
Origin: Brazil, Ethiopia
$16.95 / lb.
West Java Blue Sunda Estate Like most regions in the Ring of Fire , Indonesia's varied and fertile terrains are highly suited to agriculture; Rice, coffee and tea continue to stand out and are vital cogs in the trading wheels. West ...
Origin: Java
$16.95 / lb.
Symphony Coffee Catch the Buzz with BadBeard's Super-Premium Coffee! We're coffee fanatics, plain and simple; we'll only settle for the best coffee beans we can buy (organic and Fair Trade certified whenever possible) and then happily roast and share the bounty. Frankly, we're kind of sick over all of the hype which riddles the specialty coffee industry. YES, it's true that great beans potentially receive their maximum flavor expression when delivered by professionals using pricey, sophisticated equipment. YES, there is still an alarming amount of "so-so" product out there--so how do you get the GREAT stuff? On these pages you can buy the finest roasted beans which are prized by coffee pros and demanding coffee lovers alike, roasted to the exact point to deliver maximum flavor and aroma. MAKE GREAT COFFEE AT HOME—YOU CAN DO IT! What distinguishes BADBEARD'S offerings is the passion and dedication to the roasting process, done by a demanding professional who keeps it real and small-scale. Great green beans go into our 5-kg per batch max, all-American-made roaster and emerge ready to tell you their story of origin. Always COFFEE first and last, and always spectacular. Period. Savor and smell the difference an uncompromising, artisan roaster can make...then YOU can provide the hype!
Yes, still 2024 and udpates ...more
Kenyas will be back pronto!
DR Congo washed is back
good to the last bean
We are such perfectionists we roast one bean at a time for the ultimate coffee experience! (OK, not really)
"the Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Wotona Bultuma Co-Op is awesome."
TN, Garnet Valley, PA
Love us or hate us, everyone's entitled to their opinion. Drop us a line and let us know what's brewing in your cup!
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