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New arrivals for Fall

by badbeard2 29. September 2020 22:37

The pandemic still isn't making life any easier on the home front so we're keeping an influx of delicious and unusual coffees to make your mornings and occasions a bright spot. Organic and other-certified (Rainforest Alliance and Smithsonian Migratory Bird-Friendly) Guatemala Chimaltenango Finca Bourbon is a new classic. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Aricha natural process is a fruit bomb with milk chocolate notes. Colombia Wush Wush natural process continues to amaze us. Just added today an experimental process...called "termico"..from the exceptional Costa Rican farm Cordillera del Fuego.Upcoming weeks will see new Kenya and DR Congo washed coffees....stay tuned for updates. Hang in there folks! 


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Late August bounty of special arrivals

by badbeard2 28. August 2020 16:37

Pandemic or no, Colombia continues to provide us with some of the world's most interesting coffees. Recent additions of stunning Wush Wush (of Ethiopian ancesstry) natural process from Finca La Suiza (Caldas Department) and new crop Pink Bourbon from Finca El Danubio (Huila Department) top the bill. The Pink Bourbon is offered on the "Special du Jour Boutique" tab. Two other Boutique offerings are from Ethiopia (washed Aricha Cherab Na Betesebu) and El Salvador pacamara(natural process Finca Las Ninfas in Apaneca)

Monday will be rolling out a lovely washed Colombia, Finca El Tucan, as our beloved Finca Buenaventura stock has been exhausted.


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New August arrivals...yumbo Guatemala and Uganda natural process

by badbeard2 7. August 2020 18:07

In what has seemed like an endless slog with all things pandemic, we're still cranking coffee and finding gems despite the relative slowdowns in new arrivals from origin. This week added delish Guatemala Organic Finca Bourbon, from an estate producing fine coffee for a century, and fittingly "super-eco", bearing certifications from Ecocert, Rainforest Alliance and the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Friendly people. Nice berry and classic chocolate notes.

From the western Uganda Rwenzori region we have a lovely and fruity natural process comprising two varietals made famous in Kenya: SL14 and SL28. Fruit-forward and beefy. 

Both coffees are light-medium roast profiles, shading a bit darker for the Guatemala. Next week will see the arrival of one of our all-time favorite Ethiopian washed coffees from Shantawene Village in the Sidama region.

Thank you for keeping the roaster going! Very grateful for the wonderful support I've received during this crazy period of turmoil!



New arrivals streaming in...

by badbeard2 25. June 2020 23:19

As the PLAGUE wears us all down at times, roasting is a salve for my spirit, and new crop arrivals are fun to share. Ethiopia, our favorite of all origins, is still behind the production and shipping curves by a couple months in general. We just got one of our faves of recent years, a washed process certified Organic Guji from Kayon Mountain Farm, a large-scale operation that direct trades outside of the Ethiopia Coffee Exchange (ECX). Last year we enjoyed their Natural Process, and for 2020 are starting off with their fine washed coffee.

As always with some niche and small-quantity coffees, under the "Special du Jour Boutique" there are some treasures, like Peru El Diamante Don Elvis and Rwanda Ngororero Honey Process. In the "Rare and Exotic" tab next week there will be a Colombia Natural Process Gesha, currently in the skies coming directly from Manizales.

We will continue to source and roast the tastiest, choicest and most affordable specialty coffees and make your caffeine ritual special every day.



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Newest tasty inventory additions: Colombia, Rwanda and Ethiopia

by badbeard2 2. June 2020 00:09

2020 harvest coffees have begun arriving, and the newest additions are

Colombia Finca Buenaventura (Anselma, Caldas Dept.)...the producer is a dynamic young woman, Luz Angela Martinez Restrepo, who continues a multi-generational family farm producing first-class coffee. Sweet and fruity.

Rwanda Rulindo Tumba replaces Kivu Kageyo in our washed offerings (we also have a  Rwanda decaf). A delicious, bold-flavored heavy cup of goodness with the unique-to-East Africa flavor of fine Rwandan Bourbon types varietal.

Ethiopia Gedeb (Banko Gotiti) Natural Process comes from the hand of farmer Asfaw Maru,who produces a goodly quantity (9K kg.) of this fruit bomb. Blueberries are in season!


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New decafs jitters!

by badbeard2 22. May 2020 18:18

Adding coffees in peak season for many origins is half the fun of my day. Today bringing two new lovely decafs....Rwanda Nyamesheke Swiss Water Process and Colombia natural decaf (sugarcane "extraction" of the caffeine) from the Cudinamarca region. Enjoy!


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Lots of new stuff and more....Spring has sprung in coffeelandia, Covid-19 be damned!

by badbeard2 24. April 2020 21:54

The production of coffee around the world has been profoundly impacted by the NEW PLAGUE and yet miraculously, containers of fresh harvest have been arriving on North American shores. Our specially-priced Nicaragua Cabo Azul from the 2020 crop is super-fresh and lively and chocolatey. Also in is Sulawesi Toraja Grade 1, and we're celebrating the remarkable turnaround that country has made since the havoc wreaked by the Sept. 28, 2018 earthquake and tsunami with another strong wet-hulled coffee. In the E. Africa representation we have Ethiopia Sidamo Grade 2 from Abdullah Bagersh, a powerhouse in growing and export. Also a new Special du Jour Boutique offering from the Busiga region of Burundi; a women-produced,  triple-washed gem with high tones of citrus and caramelly sweetness.  Yemen Hawari Al-Qafr can be found in the new Rare and Exotic tab.


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by badbeard2 11. April 2020 14:26

My beloved customers have been awesome and keeping the ship afloat in all the cray. New coffees, whether listed directly or in the Boutique Special du Jour rubric, are up in the selections. Included here...Indonesia Nusanara Decaf, Boutique Tanzania Vohora Family Carbonic Maceration new crop and awesome), a rare Organic certified Brazil full natural process from the Luisburgo area of Minas Gerais, washed Ethiopia Nano Challa Lot #10 Gera, Agaro). More things coming!

Gone is the Kenya Gura AB but might be back soon...getting spot (in-warehouse) coffees has been interesting if challenging during the crisis but we remain optimistic. Support your warrior USPS and UPS and trucking and logistics people..they're keeping the whole coffee industry running!


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NO coffeepocalypse in this crazy COVID-19 period...THERE IS AND WILL BE JAVA!

by badbeard2 21. March 2020 00:05

I have been receiving inquiries from many people wondering if THERE WILL BE ANY COFFEE in the next 2-3 months. We get that there's incredibly exasperating news every day and it's impossible to process it all, but Badbeard has goods and the supply chain, while in turmoil like apparently everything else from TP to unemployment claims, is soldiering on. I have strong local warehouse inventories available and USPS seems to be undaunted getting your orders to you in a timely fashion. Having some quality caffeine to start your day is a good way to avoid total cray. I wear gloves and a mask, sanitize constantly and as long as I can walk and a seven-nation army isn't barring my door I WILL get to the roastery every day. Sure don't have any foreseeable music gigs to play [sigh, SAD]. This is what I do, and will pay it forward by sending extras when they fit in the box and cheerful personal notes, even if we've never met. Trying super-hard to be as positive as possible and wherever possible supporting local businesses..WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! 


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Ins and Outs (coffees, not burgers)

by badbeard2 20. March 2020 23:57

Say hello to current Peaberry #2 from Tanzania, joining Brazil Jazblu in the tasty-and-cute-as-a-button department. We finally said adios to our last pound (of his 2019 harvest) of wonderful Honduras Catracha Ernesto Vasquez, a coffee farmer whose nanolots we have been offering since the inception of Mayra Orellana-Powell's Catracha Coffee Project in Santa Elena, Honduras.


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