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NOTE: All of our premium Arabica coffees are roasted to City+ to Full City roasts, showing minimal-to-no surface oils….we want all of the flavor to stay in the beans until the coffee is ground! Despite the additional descriptors, the first flavor and aroma you'll think of is "COFFEE".

India Anokhi Liberica Coffee ***NEW CROP***

Country of Origin: India
India Anokhi Liberica Coffee ***NEW CROP***
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SOLD OUT FOR 2010.....more next year!
***NEW CROP***Indian Anokhi Liberica Coffee, offers arguably the most intense wild blueberry aromas you'll find anywhere. In the cup, that sweet, earthy intensity morphs into a silky rich and spicy java reminiscent of the best dry-processed African varietals. 2009's offering is even more exactingly-picked than last year's, and EXCEEDINGLY rare...a grand total of less than 200 lbs has just arrived on our shores. Liberica trees are fast becoming an "endangered species" as the coffee board in India is encouraging their removal...Unlike anythnig in the arabica and robusta famililes, Libericas can be a towering 35 feet high and quite difficult to safely pick. The Anokhi is highland-grown, naturally (Dry)processed and sustainably farmed. A coffee hedonist's delight, and worthy of its Sanskrit appellation (Anokhi="unique")
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Bountiful March, Spring forward into some new coffees!
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Symphony Latte, by Tyler Hauptman of Sweet Masterpiece
Barista Tyler Hauptman of Sweet Masterpiece (Portland, OR) shows off his chops on Badbeard's Symphony blend coffee.
"eating your beans straight because they're so delicious. You're a wizard or something. "
Chris M, Chicago, IL
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