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NOTE: All of our premium Arabica coffees are roasted to City+ to Full City roasts, showing minimal-to-no surface oils….we want all of the flavor to stay in the beans until the coffee is ground! Despite the additional descriptors, the first flavor and aroma you'll think of is "COFFEE".

Nicaragua Cabo Azul Estate SHG

Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Nicaragua Cabo Azul Estate SHG
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Long-known for abundant production, Nicaragua produces some exceptional specialty coffee, and not surprisingly has an internationally-judged Cup of Excellence growers competition. We currently have, in the Special du Jour Boutique offering, a fine honey-process Javanica varietal from famed Mierisch Estates.
Like in all of Central America, Nicaraguan farmers in the principal growing regions of Nueva Segovia, Jinotega and Matagalpa were hit hard in 2012 by the outbreak of coffee rust disease and recovery took years.
Growers and agronomists knew they had to prepare for a war of sorts. One of the developments was the "creation" of a new varietal called H1 Hybrid or "Centroamericano", which is a hybrid of Sarchimor and the Ethiopian variety called Sudan Rume. H1 is extremely high yielding and resistant to the dreaded rust yet has an excellent cup quality.
Interestingly, the hybrids must be cloned via grafting, as the seeds will not yield a child plant with the same characteristics as the parent. This is very similar to how apple varieties are propagated: planted apple seeds have very little chance of yielding eating apples.

We love this new coffee, and it's super fresh from the recent 2020 harvest period. Complex chocolate, hints of red currant and flavors
perfuse a medium-heavy body in our medium roast.
 1 lb. bag $15.95 lb.

Kenyas will be back pronto!
DR Congo washed is back
Happy Holidays!!!! Peace love and joy, and a nice cuppa joe ...more
andrea with the goods
Business partner/roaster/barista extraordinaire Andrea Spella has the best espresso in Portland. When we acquired "Rossalina" we knew we were in for an extraordinary ride together.
"There's nothing quite like opening a box filled with your freshly roasted coffee! Thanks! Can't wait to grind a new batch Saturday!! I'm very impressed with the delivery service, but more impressed with the quality. Your expertise is well appreciated in this home!!"
BobS, Evanston, IL
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