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New arrivals for Wednesday, August 24

by badbeard 22. August 2011 14:29
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New and exciting

by badbeard 15. July 2011 12:06
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Badbeard Roast Holiday: June 6-16

by badbeard 6. June 2011 08:52

The roastery will be closed from Monday June 6 to Thursday, June 16. No roasting or shipping will occur during this time. Coffee orders placed from today through next Thursday (June 16) will be processed and shipped on Friday, June 17. If you're going into caffeine withdrawal, you can find our exceptional coffees in the bins at several Market of Choice locations in Portland.

Badbeard will be in Japan during this period, joining the Metropolitan Opera orchestra in performances of La Boheme, Don Carlo and Lucia di Lammermoor.


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Temporary hiatus for Russie's Red Sea roast

by badbeard 17. May 2011 18:07

Russie's Red Sea Roast going on a temporary vacation until we can find a Yemeni coffee worthy of my late Uncle's name and extreme foodieness! But stepping up to the plate for a little while will be a peaberry offering from the Blue Batak/Sumatra region.

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New listings...Decaf Java Blawan Estate, Burundi Gahahe, Brazil Boa Sorte

by badbeard 10. May 2011 21:32

Three new wonderful coffees sure to please the senses.  The Burundi from the Gahahe washing station was requested by a customer who had tried it and we went ahead and bought plenty of this microlot. Washed  Burundi coffees at their best, like this one, offer nice body and mouthfeel and a cupping profile akin to high-grown Yirgacheffes.  We're roasting it on the light side to accentuate the orange and bergamot spectrum.  This super-clean lot came in GrainPro packaging as well as the burlap sack, a sign that the producers think as highly of it as we do.

Blawan Estate is a huge, quasi government-run producer of some of the East Java region's finest coffee, traditionally wet-processed.  The Mountain Water decaffing processing has had very little adverse impact on the cup character...nice body, still plenty of fruit and quite sweet.

Fazenda Boa Sorte hails from Campos Altos, Minas Gerais, and the family-run enterprise of Junior and Betania Acevedo.  This natural process coffee, comprising Tupi and Red Catuai varietals, is fantastic for single origin espresso.


Rwanda now sold out

by badbeard 10. April 2011 16:36

Hate to see the Rwanda Rwabisindu leave the building but like all good things....expect great coffee from this co-op next year!  The YCFCU Yirgacheffe we have is a more than passable substitute!

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Hipster cred amongst the micro-roasters

by badbeard 7. April 2011 06:32

Nice shout out from Ben Waterhouse in Willamette Week 4/6/11, in his "Seven Habits For Highly Caffeinated People". Says Waterhouse:

Badbeard’s Microroastery (, operated by Portland Cello Project co-founder Justin Kagan, is slightly better-known, having entered the game in 2006. But no other roaster has produced a Maker’s Mark-infused blend for Portland band Weinland, and that hipster cred counts for a lot.

He goes on to talk about the hipster hype of the "fourth wave" of coffee evolving around Stumptown-spawn micro-roasters, DIY "greenies" home roasters, and high-end brewing hardware, and rhetorically asks "are we taking things too far?". Well, we can't speak for others, but our roasters all set to "11"!


Select Badbeard's Coffees available now at Market of Choice in Portland

by Lil Buddy 5. March 2011 11:19

Badbeard is proud to announce availability of its coffees at Market of Choice, the well-regarded Eugene-based chain of gourmet markets in and around Portland. MofC's SW Portland location is currently stocking Badbeard's Ethiopia YCFCU Yirgacheffe, Sumatra Sidikalang-Dairi "Tabu Jamu", and El Salvador Santa Rita Estate) in the bins, and Deep Cello "Bossa" at the West Linn store.

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The Mill

Badbeard's Portland retail debut tomorrow at Market of Choice

by badbeard 15. February 2011 23:41

I've been a long-standing customer at Market of Choice on SW Terwilliger Blvd @ Taylor's Ferry and thanks to their persistence (and the most amazing boost from Andrea Spella, whose coffees are also selling great there and all their other stores in Oregon!) TOMORROW  will have the new Ethiopia YCFCU Yirgacheffe and excellent Sumatra "Tabu Jamu" in the coffee bins. Please check it out!  Great store and VERY supportive of the local roasting community here.

More coffees to come...rolling out some of the Deep Cello Coffee line there as well next week!

Cello-playing/cupping demo soon!

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New arrivals...arrived!

by badbeard 9. February 2011 21:55

The three new offerings; organic and Fair Trade® Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (YCFCU), Papua New Guinea Onaka Agoga and Brazil WP decaf are outstanding examples of terroir. All cup beautifully, and the PNG Onaka is a rare treat which my importer sold out of completely in just a few days. It has gotten increasingly difficult in today's crazed, frenzied-buying green coffee market (prices have been through the roof!) to procure even small amounts of great coffee, but this is Badbeard's mission.

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