Cold Grinds, Cool Beans...Mas Mocha

NO coffeepocalypse in this crazy COVID-19 period...THERE IS AND WILL BE JAVA!

by badbeard2 21. March 2020 00:05

I have been receiving inquiries from many people wondering if THERE WILL BE ANY COFFEE in the next 2-3 months. We get that there's incredibly exasperating news every day and it's impossible to process it all, but Badbeard has goods and the supply chain, while in turmoil like apparently everything else from TP to unemployment claims, is soldiering on. I have strong local warehouse inventories available and USPS seems to be undaunted getting your orders to you in a timely fashion. Having some quality caffeine to start your day is a good way to avoid total cray. I wear gloves and a mask, sanitize constantly and as long as I can walk and a seven-nation army isn't barring my door I WILL get to the roastery every day. Sure don't have any foreseeable music gigs to play [sigh, SAD]. This is what I do, and will pay it forward by sending extras when they fit in the box and cheerful personal notes, even if we've never met. Trying super-hard to be as positive as possible and wherever possible supporting local businesses..WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! 


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Badbeard's special coffee/beer collab debuting at 2016 Portland Winter Ale Festival

by badbeard2 30. November 2016 17:04

Most beer lovers have come across the occasional bottle with coffee as a prominent "flavorer", usually in heavy Stouts or Porters. My friends at powerhouse Worthy Brewing in Bend decided to go in a new direction for their debut "French Press Dark Saison" offering for the 11/30-12/4 Holiday Ale Festival, the annual open-to-the-public event at Pioneer Courthouse Square showcasing at least 50 special seasonal beers. Badbeard's contribution to this project is a cold-brewed elixir of two awesome Ethiopian coffees from the Yirgacheffe area..Washed YirgZ and Natural Process Dumerso Grade 1, both available on the website. Heading over to Pioneer Plaza tonight to try it for the first time! Thanks to brewmaster Dustin Kellner and gang for taking the plunge!

You can also purchase on tap Badbeard's Coffee Milk Stout, produced by Jason Webb at PDX's Unicorn Brewing, at the Unicron/Portland U-Brew taproom in Sellwood and at Markets of Choice in Bend and Beaverton. This is an altogether different coffee stout, made with the fabulous single farm Honduras "Ernesto Vasquez", one of our favorite coffees ever.


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New December arrivals and Uber-Special rare Xmas gift opportunity

by badbeard 11. December 2014 15:59

The roastery filled with new seasonal goodies from Ethiopia, Brazil and Colombia. Looking for an affordably luxurious gift for your favorite coffee geek? Try the microlot organic Colombia Granja La Esperanza natural process, a sensational cup. Another organic offering is from our partner importers Sustainable Harvest of Portland...Ethiopia Sidamo Wotona Bultuma, a washed process fruit bomb from the SCFCU (Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union). We have choco-nutty-fruity new Late Harvest Brazils from OurCoffees (Copermonte Cooperative in Minas Gerais)..."Sugar" and "Dry", the latter more reminiscent of Central America and Africa. However you swing it, Happy Holidays!

My goodness, killer Ethiopia Yirgacheffe natural and Guatemala Fraijanes

by badbeard 26. October 2013 11:10

Two new arrivals Oct. 23, the amazing fruit monster "Aricha" dry process Yirgacheffe, one of the best ever from that bountiful land, and a chocolate bar-in-a-cup "Palo Alto Azul" from Finca Agua Tibia in the Fraijanes Plateau region outside of Guatemala City. The Guat will be available at local Market of Choice in Oregon in the Savories special at the beginning of November.

Coffee growing in the Rust Belt"

by badbeard 16. April 2013 14:01

All you biologists-in-the-closet have doubtless heard something in the press about the devastating fungal outbreak of "Coffee Rust" being experienced by particularly hard-hit Central America and Mexico. States of Emergency in the coffee sector have been announced in Guatemala and other affected countries. The is a very interesting and thoughtful article here which merits reading for the curious and concerned.  The pic is what it looks like.  Our coffees were all produced and harvested prior to this outbreak and we have our collective roasting fingers crossed that the blight is successfully dealt with in the next year.

Coffee rust pic.jpg (49.19 kb)


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Sweet new Sumatra Red Badger in the house!

by badbeard 27. July 2012 08:54

Since the catastrophic Indonesian tsunami in 2004 coffees from Sumatra and the Far East in general have been rather spotty in quality.  We are partnering with the importer Red Goni to bring you Red Badger, an excellent product which has restored my faith.  I have always prized the bold-bodied, not-so-earthy and definitely not-so-funky Sumatranas for their appeal in my espresso blends and Red Badger stands out as a single origin coffe with the best of 'em. Spicy and chocolatey.  From the Takengon, Aceh sector and comprising "Old School" Ateng varietal, this triple-picked, semi-washed coffee shows nice depth in th medium-dark roast profile.  

Catch it at most of the Oregon Markets of Choice if you're there...roasted and delivered yesterday.

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New stuff justin time for Spring

by badbeard 27. March 2012 01:03

Have been a little lax on the web posting.  Sadly announcing publicly the hard truth that my beloved dad, Jerry, passed away last week.  I owe much of my palate to him, and will soon have a special blend of my finest coffees in his honor.

Meanwhile, new arrivals all over the exceptional Kenya PB, a nice and affordable SO Brazil for 'spro, rocking Papua New Guinea, and reinforcements on the Ethiopian front from the excellent exporter Andulina. Enjoy!  Portland will be hosting the SCAA yearly main event in April and we will be blissfully be overrun with some serious geekiness in the coffee sector, as opposed to the usual geekiness in th coffee sector. Gentlefolks, start your Marzoccos!


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Burundi disappearing act? Fear not!

by badbeard 11. November 2011 21:48

Well we're sad to see the last of the Burundi Gahahe skiddadle out the of our special coffees, and I know a lot of BB customers are bound to be disappointed.  ON the bright side a new Burundi offering from the Mumirwa Region  (located at the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo in the north on the country) will be appearing within the next 2-3 weeks.  Also arriving next week are two great offerings from Tanzania (Ruvuma AA) and Papua New Guinea (Kimel Estate peaberry), and will be available after Tuesday, Nov. 15.


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Select Badbeard's Coffees available now at Market of Choice in Portland

by Lil Buddy 5. March 2011 11:19

Badbeard is proud to announce availability of its coffees at Market of Choice, the well-regarded Eugene-based chain of gourmet markets in and around Portland. MofC's SW Portland location is currently stocking Badbeard's Ethiopia YCFCU Yirgacheffe, Sumatra Sidikalang-Dairi "Tabu Jamu", and El Salvador Santa Rita Estate) in the bins, and Deep Cello "Bossa" at the West Linn store.

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More great coffees en route this week...

by badbeard 31. January 2011 12:06

Check in the week starting Feb. 7 for some more delicious new crop offerings from Brazil, Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea!!

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