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Organic Flores Ngura Bajawa in the house, Special Dark Roasts category and mahogany bliss, Tony's Club

by badbeard 4. February 2013 20:57

Tthe rich certified organic Flores Ngura Bajawa from the vast Indonesia archipelago is back as of this week, showing beautifully in medium and darker roast profiles. This is a washed process coffee, so don't expect any Sumatran wet-hulled funkorama's sweet and full-bodied. To highlight its versatility we have created a dark-roast version and paired it with another mahogany-roast, the Organic Java Taman Dadar. They are honorary members of "Tony's Club", where full-bodied coffees have lifetime membership.

Tabu Jamu bye-bye, give a brother a hug...

by badbeard 21. December 2011 14:21

This year's Sidikalang-Dairi Tabu Jamu is now history.  For those of you who want that taste profile and even sweeter, cleaner and more aromatic, please fear not the washed  Flores Ngura Bajawa.  A new origin for me and I really like it!  Not a dark roast, which one might attempt with this's too much fun!  Try finding it on a world map, that's entertaining as well....

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