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Rockin' Yemen Mokha Harazi, calling all violists

by badbeard 15. December 2009 23:29

However you spell it (Mocha Harasi is equally popular) this dry-process Yemen which we just picked up flat out kills at Full City+ roast.  Really small, dense & intense beans, quite uniform...and tasty!  Dried apricot, cinnamon, persimmon, 80% Ivory Coast chocolate, sweet.  Have been drinking it as a drip four days post-roast and it's still developing...Deep rich s.o. espresso shots.  And here I thought there'd be no good Yemeni offerings this year...wrong again!  Even more interesting and complex than the excellent Ismaili lot which we just finished.

Charles, if you're listening, this baby's for you.

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Symphony Espresso added to Symphony coffee line....

by badbeard 25. November 2009 17:23

Jazzed by the success and reception of the Symphony blend, with a portion of proceeds being donated to my local buds and colleagues of the Oregon Symphony here in Portland, Badbeard's is releasing a Symphony Espresso which will satisfy even the most demanding devotees of javamania.  Extensive cupping notes to follow Thanksgiving chowdown...we should call it Mahogany Friday.  A pound of this blend will make a nice stocking stuffer for your coffee-crazed loved ones and you won't risk stampeding over your favorite barista to get it either!  My guess is that even the lump of coal will smell great after cozying up to the bag....

Symphony Decaf Espresso will be forthcoming....

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The Grind

Tasty new offerings in house and roasting!

by badbeard 24. November 2009 23:02

Like a kid in a candy store, yon Badbeard couldn't wait to start roasting today's new arrivals...four certified organic offerings:  Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Harar (both from the wonderful Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, or OCFCU, and a pair of the tastiest decafs we've come across in a while.  The first is a high-grown Peru processed using the supercritical CO2 method, and the second a Sumatra Mandheling Mountain Water Process.  Both of these decafs are full-bodied and flavorful and will strain your credulity in the taste department.  They roasted up like regular caffeinated coffees, a rare feat, since traditionally the decaffing process negatively affects the cell structure of the bean. We'll reporta gain after they've degassed and rested another 48 hours, but given the quality of our cupping samples we can say that you'll be pleased.

The Ethiopian javas are truly classic in regional profile.  The washed Yirgacheffe has abundant sweet citrus note, medium acidity and outstanding body and gets even richer as the cup cools.  The dry-processed Harar shows proud blueberry and blackberry notes in both the cup and the ground fragrance, velvety chocolate undertones throughout and low acidity. Both have super-clean finishes. These are coffees you can drink day and night!

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First Symphony Blend latte in the Pearl @ Sweet Masterpiece

by badbeard 24. November 2009 10:32

Barista extraordinaire Ty Hauptman makes the first or many elegant lattes to come with Badbeard's new Symphony Blend. Thumbs up from the customers...soon to come a dedicated Symphony Espresso which will incorporate the finest coffees from Brazil, Panama, Sumatra and Ethiopia. 

Baristas beware...Tyler will soon be competing! 

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Support the Oregon Symphony thru coffee purchase

by badbeard 16. November 2009 21:21

In support of my fellow local musicians in the Oregon Symphony it "quid pro joe"....Badbeard's has crafted SYMPHONY, a bold blend of our finest Panama, Sumatra and Ethiopian coffees.  Two dollars for every 1 lb. bag sold will be kicked in to the orchestra's coffers...thinking ahead to the OSO's slated debut in Carnegie Hall in NYC in 2011.  Having performed with these superb musicians over the years Badbeard's roastmaster wants to give back in kind.  We have stepped up efforts with donations in fundraisers for the OSO and will continue to do so in these tough times.  We have a thriving yet struggling arts scene here in Portland and want to keep the trail blazing!  Thanks for all your help!

For those of the no-buzz persuasion, a decaffeinated version of this coffee forthcoming in the next two weeks....

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In with the new

by badbeard 12. November 2009 22:47

After much soul-searching, sampling and slurping, we have found some really exceptional new coffees, notably decafs.  It's hard for most staff sergeants in the java army to get excited about decaf but these two are boat organic Sumatra Mandheling and an organic, Fair Trade Peru.  The Sumatra is from the Descamex mountain water processing facility in Veracruz, but offered now in an organic selection.  This newly-landed Peru is decaffeinated using the super-critical CO2 method...a first for us...and relatively new to the US market, which has only seen organic CO2 in the past year.  It comes from the Maximus Group plant in Houston, a ginormous facility cranking out massive quantities of commercial-grade and proprietary coffee.  So now at least we FINALLY have access to organic, US-processed decaf...Swiss Water production is in Burnaby, British Columbia and the MWP in Mexico. Andrea and I were cautious when we first heard about the use of CO2 but have now had decisive discussions with not only the head of the Maximus company but one of our most stringent importers, Elan Organic.  "Doesn't taste like decaf" has been a yada yada thing until now...this is wonderful COFFEE.  To my mind tastier that the vast bulk of caffeinated Peruvian product out there.  Elan, always a big believer in the best Peruvian co-ops, has outdone themselves in specifying superb green to decaffeinate and the cup results will delight you. I will add these to the product list when we receive them....

On the rocket fuel side we have an exquisite wet-processed organic/FT Yirgacheffe coming in in the next couple of weeks, as well as a nicely blueberry/curranty-toned Harar from the Oromia co-operative.  We have sold out of last year's Yirgacheffe Anbassa Bunna, a stellar offering which was not brought into the US for 2009 crop as it didn't come up to Dominion Trading's high standards and profile.  The ECX is mostly to blame for this, apparently, but we all hope the kinks get worked out for 2010 shipments, since this very high-grown, small co-op java was superb in '08. Also gone is the Daterra Sweet Yellow, but that leaves us with Sweet Collection and Sweet Blue still from our phenomenal partners in Brazil (

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Got Speck? and other food notes

by badbeard 2. October 2009 10:10

One of the great pleasures of the coffee biz is the near-constant contact with foodies of all stripes, especially on the production side.  Case in point David Bergen, who with wife Tina offically celebrated 19 years of Tina's Restaurant in Dundee yesterday.  Congrats to y'all and yer staff, who are wonderful.  David is a bundle of creative energy and is heavily in process making his first real Pinot Noir vintage, which will be barreled soon after processing.  Needless to say, Tina's proximity to the wine-making center of Oregon combined with the close contact with the winemakers themselves has led to a wonderful synergy.  But David is also heavily into pig processing, and a colorful assortment of of traditionally-made charcuterie hangs in the  cooler near the  kitchen entrance.  I am now the proud and drooling recipient of a recently-made speck, which will hang and cure for a time more in my wine "cellar".  'Fraid it's now time to invest in a meat slicer.  Meanwhile it made a lovely rear-view mirror adornment on the way back to Portland...only wish I'd had the fuzzy dice from my truck with me to keep it company.


New arrivals and sold-outs...

by badbeard 3. September 2009 16:20

Rossalina, our bright-red roaster, is mourning the final passing of several of our favorite coffees...SO DON'T try to order them!!Farewell!! But long-awaited beans will be landing on Tuesday from Ethiopia, El Salvador, Brazil, Panama and sumatra will be ready to share next week.

ARRIVING:  Panama Carmen Estate, Ethiopia Amaro Gayo (OG/RFA),, Brazil Cerrado Natural, Sumatra Mandheling (OG),  El Salvador (Women's) Santa Teresa (OG/FT)

DEARLY DEPARTED (some will be back either this or next year): Dominion Yirgacheffe Anbassa Bunna (2010 we hope!!!), Sumatra Takengon, Ethiopia Longberry Harar (back in 2010 hopefully!), Ethiopia Shanta Golba.

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New eco-friendlier packaging coming

by badbeard 18. August 2009 10:49

Starting the last week of August Badbeard's will be shipping 1 lb. coffee packages in compostable bags from our friends at Pacific Bag.  

The tin-tie should be separated from the bag and can be recycled.  Part of our commitment to making the planet healthier and reducing the burden on our burgeoning landfills.  For more info on the materials, please read at:

Please help us take care of the planet!  Buying some of our delicious organic and Rainforest Alliance® certified coffees doesn't hurt a bit either!


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new arrivals...

by badbeard 13. August 2009 20:14

After a lot of cupping these last few weeks we found some gems to bring to your table starting in early September.... the awesome Ethiopian Amaro Gayo, Panama Carmen Estate, and a fine organic Sumatra Mandheling from the North Aceh region.    From the Sidamo region, the natural (dry-process) Amaro Gayo comes to us from the only woman at the forefront of a coffee producing/milling operation, Asnakech Thomas. [And special props to Joseph Brodsky of Novo/Ninetyplus for his tireless work on all our behalf in the specialty coffee world!!!Go Joseph!!] This coffee will truly be a star among the arriving East African offerings anywhere this year as that country sorts out the arcana of its new Ethiopian Coffee Exchange (ECX). One of Panama's finest producers, Carlos Aguilera's Carmen Estate is a habitual top finisher in the annual Best of Panama competiton.  Rainforest Alliance®-certified, you'll drink this and swear your in the middle of a nature fantasyland in Central American natural.

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