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Coffee maker aesthetics...beauties and beasts

by badbeard 24. September 2010 11:38

I was rather surprised to see a new kitschy coffee maker on the market bearing the moniker of one of my automotive heroes, Carroll Shelby.  Remembering  my friend Lou Milinazzo's little Dodge with the Shelby engine tearing to the Benito Juarez Mexico City airport from Toluca in 17 minutes, faces pressed to the windows in cartoon-like schmushedness as the gas gauge steadily ran down.

I would think that devotees of fast car motifs would more likely (especially if they can afford Veyrons and McLarens) might prefer to please their aesthetics with something like this.  Better bang for your RPMs, fellow Ghostriders!

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New arrivals in time for Labor Day

by badbeard 29. August 2010 01:27

Two awesome, seasonal coffees....smokin' fresh and ready...Ethiopia Guji Sidamo Natural DECAF (Mountain Water Process), still berry-bursting nose and great body.  We thought this fabulously fruity caffeinated coffee was excellent as well...doesn't lose much in the decaf process! Actually came in at a higher 2nd crack temp in the roaster than the caffeinated version.  A real treat for you decaf drinkers...I never thought I'd find a WP coffee THIS good.

New territory for us in Northern Sumatra with the Sidikalang-Dairi" Tabu Jamu", a special project of developer/partner/importer Royal Coffee.  I was thrilled to have this call out to me from the cupping table, as it's not your average joe...the volcanic area around the massive Lake Toba holds some amazing terroir for spicy, heavy-bodied semi-washed coffees without the funk you get in most Mandheling- and Lintong-category offerings.  The Tabu Jamu is a proprietary development between exporter Syahrial and Dody and Royal.  They're both committed to offering a non-earthy Sumatra alternative, and this crop, the third one (since '07)is a fine example.  Wine and coriander and berry notes for the exotic nose, syrupy body with a long and even finish, nice mild acidity.  This'll make a few blends as well, which excited my alchemical side.

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Brief roasting break from BADBEARD to all...

by badbeard 8. June 2010 00:31

Coffee lovers....thank you for everything, helping make 2010 a banner year so far! Coffee orders placed after Thursday 3 PM June 10 will not be fulfilled until Tuesday June 15th.  Off briefly to California to see my stepson graduate from UC Santa Cruz...he's headed to law school in September.  Bravo Maaaathew!


Chicago here we come again...

by badbeard 1. June 2010 09:57

Buzz: Killer Espresso, 1644 N. Damen Ave in Wicker Park nabe in Chicago will be serving a special Badbeard's all-Brazil espresso this week as well as Kenya Kiambu-Riuki peaberry at the Clever drip station.  For social media savvy and newbies you can follow the feed at

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New place in Portland to sip Badbeard's classic Italianate espresso

by badbeard 1. June 2010 09:46

Classic Crust Bakery has finished remodeling and will be once again (actually never stopped!) churning out the best Euro breads, traditional baked goods and scratch-made foods East of the Willamette (Mississippi River be damned...we have our own, without the flooding!).  Owner and chef Nora Vujovic decided that with her new espresso machine she wanted an authentic-tasting Italian espresso and chose Badbeard's over the rest.  She's the REAL DEAL, and I can't wait to be in the weekly rotation for her awesome Sour Rye in parfticular.  Many vegan offerings will be on the menu. Go Nora!!! Badbeard's custom espresso only for starters, and available for purchase there next week.

Classic Crust Bakery  Inc. 8911 SE Stark St. Portland, OR 97216


New arrivals for Spring

by badbeard 1. June 2010 09:29

Great coffees from the current crop cycles seem few and far between but our first will be in-house on Thursday...microlot Mexico Terruño Nayarita natural, certified organic and direct trade, farm- and lot-traceable!  This coffee keeps improving every year, thanks to the assiduous overseeing of Jim Kosalos of Kirkland, WA exclusive  importer of all the coffees from this amazing agro-centric project in Tepic, State of Nayarit.  This year even some Mexico City roasters got a shot to buy it and jumped on some lots.  Other novelty this season for the co-op will be the Mexican Barista Champion appearing at the PortaCafe (complete, self-contained lab for growers, which has also taken off in the industry) to pull shots of espresso for the farmers.  They do need to see and taste the coffee they've labored so hard to produce, rather than just immediately shipping it out after full processing and resting!

To you faithful who have waited for this at Badbeard's I'll be roasting it from Friday on, picking it up Thursday.  It's the most amazing Mexican natural java ever to appear on our shores, and in small quantities.  Quality counts big-time.

Uganda abbondanza

by badbeard 18. April 2010 18:40

We just cupped two interesting Ugandan coffees from CroptoCup, a direct trade importer with a coffee etc. shop near  my old 'hood in Brooklyn.  kudos to those folks for bringing in interesting coffees, a bit over-the-top for my taste in the acidity dept. but fine exemplars nonetheless in a region of burgeoning quality.  Uganda and Burundi are producing way better offerings than in years past, and while I'm going to pass on these offerings, I'm sure a few out there will enjoy the edginess and nice body, abundant lemon and other citrus notes.  Signs of good things to come...  

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Portland Microroasters get press...again!

by badbeard 8. April 2010 19:27

Willamette Week contributing journalist and coffee-lover Hanna Neuschwander spent a lot of time trolling the burgeoning microroaster movement here in Portland to give a nice overview of true coffee geekdom The article here.  Nice job Hanna!  We hope her caffeine jitters have calmed down by only emendation as far as Badbeard's is concerned is her incorrect lumping me in with the "NW-style" espresso crowd, since I pointed out to her quite fervently my adherence to Northern Italian-school, Brazil-based blends a la Spella Caffe.

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Deep Cello makes its Chicago "debut" March 28

by badbeard 29. March 2010 10:25

Super-duper espresso fanatics Buzz: Killer Espresso in the Wicker Park nabe of Chicago are pulling shots of a unique Deep Cello formulation consisting of our three Brazil offerings.  Awaiting "judgment day" from them but you can follow their tweets and such at

Buzz, which opened fairly recently, is fronted at the bar by master barista James Liu of Intelligentsia fame.  They serve up a rotation of high-end 'spro and drip coffees from roasters around the country. We are very pleased to be given a shot, no pun disintended!

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New crop India Kattehollay Estate Peaberry is in

by badbeard 28. March 2010 12:53

The first KPCI container landed last week here in Oregon and I retrieved our treasured Kattehollay Estate Peaberry yesterday and it is even more beautiful than last year's stellar crop.  The tiny Chikmagalur estate continues to produce some of the best coffee ever to come out of India and we secured as much as we could for this year!  Every bit as interesting as the vaunted peaberry from Tanzania without the extreme swings in flavor profile, and a vibrant coffee in any preparation, including Single Estate espresso.