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Colombia Yellow Bourbon now in stock

by badbeard2 15. March 2016 09:42

Last week we attending a massive cupping of Colombian coffees from exporter/importer Traviesa Coffee showcasing their 31 (!) new offerings. The microlot of Yellow Bourbon from Finca Manantiales del Frontino cupped beautifully so I got the entire 3 bag lot. Despite its botanical proximity to our Red Bourbon from that fantastic farm it tastes quite different...floral as well, but strong notes of vanilla and citrus/candied orange peel. Kind of like a fragrant Orange Julius! Manantiales del Frontino won the SCAA best of cupping competition in 2012 and you can see why in these coffees...the Yellow and Red Bourbons and Geisha, which we also picked up because we love it so much!

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December arrivals for holiday madness you can drink

by badbeard 30. November 2015 08:00

Primo coffees abounding this week at the roastery as we welcome two new exceptional offerings from one of Colombia's premier estates, Finca Manantiales del Frontino, in Caicedonia, Valle de Cauca. The Geisha is super-special, and to my palate will make you think that Panamanian Geishas are overhyped by comparison. Their Red Bourbon is a washed coffee of a quality never imagined in the "Juan Valdez" universe.

Tomorrow (Dec. 1) we're excited to greet a fantastic Ethiopia natural process Yirgacheffe from the Chelbesa mill which is a big-bodied fruit bomb and a perfect accompaniment to pumpkin pie.

Also back with new fresh lot of Organic Java Taman Dadar, a favorite here for many years running.

More new arrivals, 4-23-15

by badbeard 25. April 2015 12:02

Continuing our presentation of some of the finest Colombian coffees...check out new EXTREMELY LIMITED Granja La Esperanza Yellow Bourbon natural process and Red Boubon honey process...simply amazing! Colombia Agustino Forest, one of our fave washed coffees, also is back in stock. New washed Ethiopia Yirgacheffe from Konga Zone is a fabulous addition too.

More freshies, Colombia Pacamara and Brazil "Sugar"

by badbeard 12. March 2015 14:32

Champing at the bit awaiting the new Colombia Cafe Granja La Esperanza Pacamara Honey process...a superb exotic. From my new fave rock-star producer in all of South America...devilishly rich coffee. Also new/Late Harvest Brazil OurCoffees "Sugar", an extraordinary cup for the $$$, reflective of just how intense a single-origin espresso can become with the right beans. C'mon down to the Badbeard's online emporium.

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Hot off the Coffee Press, some possible relief from the worries of the Southern Hemisphere

by badbeard 6. March 2013 12:30

While remaining personally cautiously optimistic...."the coffee rust" fungus is going to devastate a large percentage of the crop in Central America and Mexico....some possible ray of hope from the powerhouses in South America. This reported thus



Brazil and Colombia Seen by ICO Making Up for Coffee Rust Losses

Coffee output in Brazil and Colombia, the largest arabica producers, will probably make up for leaf rust losses in Central America and Mexico for now, according to the International Coffee Organization.

Brazil, the largest producer, will help make up for losses due to large crops and biggerstockpiles, Mauricio Galindo, head of operations at the ICO, said in an interview in London yesterday. Colombia will have a bigger crop, he said.

Brazil “has pretty consistent supply” because it has been able to minimize production changes from one year to the next in its two-year coffee cycle, Galindo, former head of agricultural commodities research at JPMorgan Chase & Co., said. “The fact that Colombia has gone to replant 70 percent of trees by now, it should start increasing productivity substantially already in this crop year. Certainly the big jump we will see is in 2013-14.”

Arabica coffee futures have dropped 2.1 percent this year as new harvests added to global stockpiles. Inventories in warehouses monitored by ICE Futures U.S. in New York climbed 1 million bags last year and are up another 135,937 bags in 2013.

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