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Organic Flores Ngura Bajawa in the house, Special Dark Roasts category and mahogany bliss, Tony's Club

by badbeard 4. February 2013 20:57

Tthe rich certified organic Flores Ngura Bajawa from the vast Indonesia archipelago is back as of this week, showing beautifully in medium and darker roast profiles. This is a washed process coffee, so don't expect any Sumatran wet-hulled funkorama's sweet and full-bodied. To highlight its versatility we have created a dark-roast version and paired it with another mahogany-roast, the Organic Java Taman Dadar. They are honorary members of "Tony's Club", where full-bodied coffees have lifetime membership.

Hellos and farewells

by badbeard 3. December 2012 11:52

Sumatra Red Badger has left our stock for this year....a great coffee, and thank you Johnson and Denny from importer Red Goni Coffee for sharing the wealth with us.  For fans of big-bodied, clean Far East coffee we now have the organic Taman Dadar from the island of Java.  A small-producer group from the villages of Curah Tatal and Kayumas have united S795 and typica varietals in perfect harmony to produce this exceptional wet-hulled method coffee.

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