Cold Grinds, Cool Beans...Mas Mocha

NO coffeepocalypse in this crazy COVID-19 period...THERE IS AND WILL BE JAVA!

by badbeard2 21. March 2020 00:05

I have been receiving inquiries from many people wondering if THERE WILL BE ANY COFFEE in the next 2-3 months. We get that there's incredibly exasperating news every day and it's impossible to process it all, but Badbeard has goods and the supply chain, while in turmoil like apparently everything else from TP to unemployment claims, is soldiering on. I have strong local warehouse inventories available and USPS seems to be undaunted getting your orders to you in a timely fashion. Having some quality caffeine to start your day is a good way to avoid total cray. I wear gloves and a mask, sanitize constantly and as long as I can walk and a seven-nation army isn't barring my door I WILL get to the roastery every day. Sure don't have any foreseeable music gigs to play [sigh, SAD]. This is what I do, and will pay it forward by sending extras when they fit in the box and cheerful personal notes, even if we've never met. Trying super-hard to be as positive as possible and wherever possible supporting local businesses..WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! 


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Coffee Beers 101 @ Baker's Dozen event, March 22, 2020

by badbeard 10. March 2020 13:38

We'll be participating for the 5th year in the annual Baker's Dozen Coffee Beers/Beers/Donuts event in Portland, Sunday, March 22, from 10 AM-2 PM...White Owl Social Club...1305 SE 8th Ave. Creator and organizer Brian Yaeger pairs 13 different collaborating coffee roasters and breweries and invites all the local donut makers to offer their sugary deliciousnesses. Always fun, and some intriguing results. This year Badbeard's is (again) paired with Pono Brewing and John Lovegrove and we're "going big" with Badbeard's Barleywine: Hot Cross Buns Edition. a 9.1 ABV aged barleywine with grape must, tinctures of vanilla and cinnamon, a fillip of red currant puree, and a hefty assemblage of Rwanda Kivu Kageyo, Kenya Gura AB and Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo honey process Javanica varietal, the coffee ostensibly cold-brewed IN the keg. Fabuloso coffees!

If you're in town and want to do something different, this is the event for you. 21+ only.


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by badbeard2 9. March 2018 13:18

The wait for the cafe is finally over...Abundancia Coffee Boutique, home of Badbeard's roasting facility, has soft-opened, here at 5829 SE Powell Blvd. Portland 97206. My coffee partner Faisal, whose exceptional family Kenya coffees we have carried for a couple years now, is as hopped up as I am.

Official Grand Opening date tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, March 28, and I will update here.

We will be featuring many fabulous and boutique Rocket espresso machine is purring. The cool Curtis Seraphim 2-headed pourover prepares in all manner of methods. We will have light fare (no space for a kitchen, so we are limited to fine offerings from purveyors around the city) and beer/wine/cider. There will (eventually!) be 8 beer taps offering our collaborative coffee beers from Unicorn and 54_40, and a steady rotation of the country's best craft offerings (several 2018 Good Food Award winners are ordered up). Please stop by if you're in the area! Very friendly staff! 


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Comings, goings, doings...

by badbeard2 9. March 2018 13:00

Couple of notes on existing stocks...temporarily discontinuing the Filtropa #4 filters for awhile as we await a shipment from Holland...might be a couple of months!

Our award-winning Colombia Narino Galeras will be back in stock middle of next week...flew off the shelves!

This Sunday, March 11, Ecliptic Brewing in Portland is site of the 4th Annual Baker's Dozen Coffee Beers/Beers/Donuts/Coffee event. We will be offering "Bad Manuka"; a collaboration with excellent  54_40 Brewery (Washougal, WA), brewsmith John Lovegrove tipping his hat to his homeland, New Zealand, with his contribution of whiskey-soaked Manuka chips, and yours truly with a combo of Papua New Guinea Kiam and Colombia Finca Florida Pink Bourbon. Totally delicious. We will be ordering up some future batches to serve at the cafe, where the tap list will be growing...


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Patience a frustrating virtue, abundant Ethiopian coffees coming...

by badbeard 9. June 2015 08:45

Fans of our Ethiopian focus will, like us, have to wait just another long week or so for the arrival of three GREAT coffees from our partner Samuel Demisse of Keffa Coffee...natural process Ardi, washed Limu Grade 1 and Sidama Grade 1. Also coming new crop Brazil OurCoffees Sugar, which is currently on the water approaching the West Coast terminals. Good times here in anticipation.

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Rwanda and up! Intriguing stuff

by badbeard 17. January 2015 09:02

You will soon see the Rwanda and Burundi offerings on the website, but if you have any serious or passing interest in the vicissitudes and technicalities of coffee production in East Africa, I urge you to read this excellent piece by my friends Thompson Owen and Chris Schooley.

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January arrivals upcoming

by badbeard 17. January 2015 08:22

More world-class caffeine delivery systems booked and arriving late next week (Jan. 23rd)..MLK Day putting the truck back a day. Yumboramajava rumblings from Rwanda, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Burundi and Java plus sweet decafs. I've been champing at the bit myself!


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Organic Bolivia in Market of Choice Savories flyer starting tomorrow 7-24-14

by badbeard 23. July 2014 11:59

Thanks to the folks at Markets of Choice in Eugene, Corvallis, Portland, West Linn and Ashland...this is a wonderful and underappreciated and circulated coffee! Big body, fruity and chocolatey, certified Organic and Fair Trade. Sale for next 2 weeks starting Thursday July 24.

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Flurries of coffee (NOT snow) arriving December 2013

by badbeard 9. December 2013 23:46

Just in time for the holiday rush exciting new coffees from Brazil (Bobolink), Colombia (Nariño Peaberry), two organic/FT Ethiopians; Sidama natural process(Fura Co-Op) and Yirgacheffe Biloya, Costa Rica Tarrazu Peaberry. C'mon get you some!

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Important note for local pickup...we've moved!

by badbeard 9. December 2013 23:42

Badbeard's has firmly relocated to 12017 NE Sumner St. in Portland, 97220 as of December 2013...if you want to come visit, please contact Justin beforehand!

Heisenbeard.jpg (2.06 mb)

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