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Outstanding SO Brazil Fazenda Santa Ines arriving today, Oct. 9

by badbeard 9. October 2012 10:13

Excited to have a limited quantity of the exceptional Fazenda Santa Ines in house today.  This farm, run by the Dias Pereira family in Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais State, has 75 hectares devoted to Bourbon Amarelo, Catuai and Acaia varietals, and our offering is 100% Yellow Bourbon, grown at 1200 meters.  Picking is by hand, unlike the vast bulk of machine-harvested cherry in Brazil.  Clean and sweet cup profile evincing much chocolate and citrus.


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Arrivals week of Sept.17

by badbeard 15. September 2012 12:50

Worth the few days extra wait for inventory newbies from Kenya and Colombia and reinforcements from Yirgacheffe and Sumatra.  The Kenya is extra-special indeed.

Badbeard will be out of town from Friday, Sept 25 thru Sept 29th and resuming roasting activities Sept. 30 bright and early.

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Badbeard's debut in Ashland Market of Choice tomorrow

by badbeard 8. August 2012 23:46

Badbeard's Shakespearean characters from Ethiopia (Harar "Queen City"), Brazil ("S.O.B." blend), Nicaragua (Organic "Flor de Cafe") and the current Savories offering Sumatra Red Badger will be available at the Ashland Market of Choice after tomorrow.  Thanks William!

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Mexico Terruno Nayarita back in stock for a while....

by badbeard 25. June 2012 08:52

Back by popular demand and a year away from home, the wonderful "trio Terruno"...washed, natural process and decaf.  Arguably the best coffees produced in Mexico, and the only ones arriving with bar-code tracking down to the spot in the finca from whence the coffee.  No other farm management program in the world comes this close in traceability! Read about this unique feature here. Jim and Devorah of San Cristobal Coffee Importers in Kirkland, WA have made a fantastic sustainable, life-changing project with the producers of Nayarit since the early 'nineties and we're glad they forge on...this is a limited offering, get 'em while we have 'em!

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New super Nicaragua Organic and Sidamo

by badbeard 12. June 2012 14:39

Arrived yesterday, SWEET new organic Nicaragua from umbrella cooperative Prodecoop as well as one of the highest rated Ethiopia Grade 2 Sidamo washed offerings in recent memory...fruit fruit fruit body body body.  The Nic is OCIA organic certified and a composite of two smaller coops, "20 de Abril" and "Flor de Cafe" in the Nueva Segovia region.  The bags say Flor de Segovia to add to the confusion, but there's no doubt this is a sweet-ass coffee!

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Tanzanian Coffee output to double next season

by Lil Buddy 31. May 2012 10:19

The Tanzania Coffee Board announced this week that the country's coffee production is expected to double next year, from 32,000 to 61,000 metric tons. The increase in output is due to natural bi-annual growing cycles and favorable weather. 

Tanzanian production is famous for peaberry, historically, but recent harvests have not produced excellent coffee. Coffee is generally exported through trade groups and large bundlers, and very little estate coffee of quality is separately available. Badbeard continues to sample roast Tanzanian coffees, but it seems that higher quality beans are coming from Burundi and Rwanda.


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