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December arrivals for holiday madness you can drink

by badbeard 30. November 2015 08:00

Primo coffees abounding this week at the roastery as we welcome two new exceptional offerings from one of Colombia's premier estates, Finca Manantiales del Frontino, in Caicedonia, Valle de Cauca. The Geisha is super-special, and to my palate will make you think that Panamanian Geishas are overhyped by comparison. Their Red Bourbon is a washed coffee of a quality never imagined in the "Juan Valdez" universe.

Tomorrow (Dec. 1) we're excited to greet a fantastic Ethiopia natural process Yirgacheffe from the Chelbesa mill which is a big-bodied fruit bomb and a perfect accompaniment to pumpkin pie.

Also back with new fresh lot of Organic Java Taman Dadar, a favorite here for many years running.

More greatness from Ethiopia

by badbeard 21. October 2015 09:27

Native son Samuel Demisse of Keffa Coffee Importers continues to bring us the best coffees from Ethiopia year after year. The new YirgZ, a washed Yirgacheffe (the "z" stands for zero-defect-sorting, which takes 3 times longer than conventional hand sorting and pays a premium to the women who labor tirelessly!) and Harrar Mesela are in and smokin' hot. For those coffee adventurers who want an exotic cup exploration of East Africa's most unusual. the Harar is for you.

Fantastic new Ethiopia Yirgacheffe natural process and a bombshell from Nicaragua

by badbeard 19. September 2015 19:10

Another Ethiopian natural fruit bomb new in house from the Torea Station outside of Yirgacheffe town, from the highest plantation elevations we've ever had...2250-2500 meters. In close proximity to the vaunted Idido Mill (once known as "Misty Valley"). NOT-TO-BE-MISSED especially by  fans of our Yirgacheffe Aricha, stocks of which are dwindling. This is a brilliant, exotic cup filled with strawberries and cream and hibiscus notes.

We also got ahold of a wonderful and uniquely flavorful Nicaraguan offering from farmer Oscar Ortez's Finca Ena in Dipilto-Nueva Segovia, home to many of that country's Cup of Excellence winners. The blueberry and citrus notes got us at the cupping table among many lackluster Central American offerings...a no-brainer choice. Delish, lively acidity and excellent body for a pourover.

End of Summer mini-hiatus 8/27 to 8/30

by badbeard 25. August 2015 21:45

Off in search of coffees etc Badbeard's will roasting and shipping thru tomorrow, Wednesday 8/26. We will resume the roasting schedule on 8/31 and ship the following day. The roastery is chock-a-block with great coffee!


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End of August equals...Lots of new arrivals....

by badbeard 21. August 2015 13:53

Never a dull moment around here cupping and bringing in exciting new coffees! Just arrived yesterday beautiful Colombia Organic Planadas Reserva and Natural Decaf. The latter is a Colombia-based take on Water Process decaffeination utilizing sugar cane-based ethyl acetate "solvent" for removing the caffeine...this decaf is (not surprisingly correspondingly) sweet and lively. Brought by our friends at Traviesa Coffee.

Monday 8/24 will see some brilliant new crop coffees from Kenya (AA Gura), Ethiopia (Yirgacheffe Dumerso as well as a first-here Yirgacheffe Grade 2 Decaf, yes, you heard it right) and another offering from the Honduran smallholder farm Catracha Coffee Project, a brilliant new direct trade foray initiated by our bud Mayra Orellana-Powell of importer Royal Coffee. A beautiful short video from the producers' cell phone can be seen here 

Off in search of Coffees...July 24-25 hiatus and order advisory

by badbeard 21. July 2015 19:40

We're off to California to hunt down some more great coffees for you. Orders placed until 4 PM Wednesday, July 22 will be roasted and shipped. After we'll be back at it on Saturday afternoon, July 25.


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More new July arrivals...Kenya AA and Organic Sumatra Takengon 7-22-15

by badbeard 21. July 2015 19:21

Hellos to new rich Kenya AA Tambaya (Rumukia Farmers Cooperative Society) from the Tambaya Factory (wet mill) in Nyeri County, heartland of some of the world's greatest coffees. Nice notes of bergamot, fig and honey in this lightly acidic (for "face-melting!) fresh crop.

Sumatra Organic Takengon from the Gayo highlands of Aceh is rich, earthy and of our better cups of Sumatra, a preferred locus for Badbeard for both single origin and drip offerings. Also Fair Trade certified.

Honduras Santa Elena Catracha pages link

by badbeard 29. June 2015 11:16

Our friend Mayra Orellana-Powell, who herself comes from Santa Elena, Honduras, embarked on a very special mission to aid coffee farmers there. Her story can be found here

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Coming week of 6/29 new arrivals

by badbeard 26. June 2015 14:47

The coffers continue to swell with great coffee. Samples of favored Central Americans have been fairly middling-to-disappointing but we landed a prize, a microlot from Honduras, Santa Elena Catracha and farmer Adan Hernandez Amaya (several members of the family having eponymous farms under the Catracha banner). It's an excellent, high-scoring (90) Central with an even more excellent story which I will post on Moinday when added to the website!

Also getting in a very nice single origin decaf Mountain Water Process from Colombia...sweet and good fruit notes. Stay tuned!

Spotlight on Ethiopia

by badbeard 23. June 2015 09:44

Keffa Coffee's three new crop offerings arrived yesterday, June 22, and are all amazing as advertised! We also have new crop natural process Brazil OurCoffees "Sugar" edition, from producer Fazenda Santana. Yummy, nutty and chocolatey.