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E. Africa treasures arrived, Organic Uganda and Yirgacheffe, Limu from Keffa

by badbeard2 24. March 2016 12:01

Great new crop offerings...a first for us from Uganda, Sipi Falls organic, a tremendous coffee, rich and sweet. Badbeard's is kicking over a share to our wonderful friends at S.O.U.L., a nonprofit working in educational and community outreach in some of that country's poorest regions. We will continue to support SOUL with all of our Ugandan offerings as they arrive...

Also excited to have Keffa Coffee's new crop YirgZ and Limu-Gera back in the rotation. The washed Limu was one of the highest-scoring coffees from that area ever handled by Samuel Demisse, a jammy fruit bomb normally reserved for natural process cultivars. Bravo. Fantastic pourover and espresso.

Drink up! Great new coffees are in.

by badbeard 25. January 2015 09:17

Roastery bursting with goodies as promised. The Burundi Dukorere Ikawa and Rwanda Dukunde Kawa are quite special, as are the new Yirgacheffes, natural process bursting with fruity goodness and the washed Grade 2 among the best we've ever tasted. Organic Java Taman Dadar is back for a long run for fans of thicker-bodied brews. New Kenyas being selected for shipment this week...abbondanza and Kenya Kahawa!

Beautiful Organic Bolivia Peaberry arriving 6-25-14

by badbeard 24. June 2014 10:04

Coffees from South America still the freshest and most-recent in the Americas, and so happy to be bringing in this luscious washed Bolivia Peaberry from the outstanding CENAPROC cooperative in Caranavi. CENAPROC has produced many award-winning coffees over the years, including the Best of Bolivia (which was discontinued in 2004) and this is a rich, well-balanced fruit and chocolate excursion in your cup!

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Unique S.O. Brazil espresso in house today!

by badbeard 16. May 2013 23:09

Welcome mat rolled out today for the biodynamically-produced, organic certified Fazenda Floresta from Bahia State in Northeastern Brazil. Doesn't get much better for single origin espresso cravers.

And the juicy Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Blue Nile back in stock, fresh crop just off the boat, better than ever. I LOVE this coffee.

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Hellos and farewells

by badbeard 3. December 2012 11:52

Sumatra Red Badger has left our stock for this year....a great coffee, and thank you Johnson and Denny from importer Red Goni Coffee for sharing the wealth with us.  For fans of big-bodied, clean Far East coffee we now have the organic Taman Dadar from the island of Java.  A small-producer group from the villages of Curah Tatal and Kayumas have united S795 and typica varietals in perfect harmony to produce this exceptional wet-hulled method coffee.

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New from the Far East, end of this week, Nov.28

by badbeard 28. November 2012 23:03

Confident that the Far East region is showing promising coffees, we are saying goodbye to the last few pounds of treasured Sumatra Red Badger for the season and preparing to roll out the red-carpet welcome to an exciting coffee from the island of Java known as "Taman Dadar" (flower garden in the native tongue). We'll expect it in on Friday, Nov. 30 and start rolling it out beginning next week.  This is an organic- and Rainforest Alliance-certified certifed wet-hulled coffee of unusual depth, body and aromatic makeup comprising mostly S795 varietal predominant in the Ijer Plateau plantations in Eastern Java.

Also requisitioning a substantial stash of newbie fave El Salvador Santa Leticia Estate Pacamara.  It will be on special offer at all Oregon Markets of Choice in mid-December...keep your eyes out for the Savories offering!

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New exciting Decafs in for holidays...preorder for under the tree!

by badbeard 16. December 2011 15:24

First roasts and shipping (week of Dec.19) of newly arriving, exceptionally tasty Mountain Water Process (MWP) coffees from Oaxaca, Mexico and Timor will be Tuesday, Dec. 20.  I have added them to the offerings page but they WILL NOT ship of course until they have arrived at the roastery! Very different from each other but can't WAIT to make a heady blend of our Brazil with these two newbies as well.

 Pre-ship sampling has jazzed me, and will please you very particular decaf drinkers out there!

Happy Holidays from Santabeard

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Organic coffee in the news..

by badbeard 8. March 2010 19:18

This "flash" came in thru Coffee's Daily Dose, an online rag I receive which has industry details.  Unfortunately this emag tends to focus on the big players in the commercial market, so there's sadly much press about the boring stuff relating to Starbu&*#, McD's, BK wars, etc., with the occasional interesting tidbit about something I actually care about. As reported originally in the Christian Science Monitor...

"Certification Process, Price Lead Farmers to Abandon Organic Coffee

8 Mar 2010 12:29 GMT - Certification Process, Price Lead Farmers to Abandon Organic Coffee 
March 8, 2010 /EIN PRESSWIRE/ Almost 75% of the world's organic coffee comes from Latin America, but farmers there are beginning to abandon the organic coffee trade, according to the Christian Science Monitor.
Organic coffee farming is much more environmentally friendly (and human-friendly) because of the lack of pesticides used in production, but both the price and the certification process of organic coffee has turned buyers off of the product.
Beans of organically grown coffee are 25% more expensive than traditionally grown coffee, and it currently takes up to three years for beans to be certified as organic. This means a farmer needs to absorb the production cost while waiting to be able to sell the product as "organic" in a market where buyers are abandoning organic coffee.
    Read more at Organic Food News Today
    Latin America Organic Food news - 

 Truth be told there'smuch validity to this information. We here at Badbeard's go to considerable length and great expense to source fine green coffee to roast for you, and rely heavily on partners such as Elan Organic ( and others who emphasize sustainably-grown and equitably-traded coffee.  Our preferences are personal and subjective, of course, but the uptick in "digestive-consciousness awareness" is a good thing.  Does "certified organic" mean necessarily that you cup will taste better?  NO.  In fact there are many sources of DE FACTO organic coffee--in a nutshell, produced by farmers who literally can't afford to pay the certifications premiums OR non-organic materials which lead to better crop yields, etc.  Coffee farming is still a bare-bones business in most producing countries, and the quality and equitable-trade practices MUST be consumer-driven.  Quality keeps improving all over the world, but the vast bulk of commercially-traded java is only fair-to-middling in quality owing to the mass production necessities of the market, from source to roast.

Taste is personal first and foremost.  If you can't tell, or it doesn't matter specifically where your coffee comes from, you'll be reinforcing the NECESSITY of inferior coffee in the marketplace.  Those of you who care and are willing to pay those few extra dollars for your cuppa pleasure ormerely caffeine fix can only be encouraged to come to our side to experience the TASTE difference.  Have at it world!==BADBEARD



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