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Unique S.O. Brazil espresso in house today!

by badbeard 16. May 2013 23:09

Welcome mat rolled out today for the biodynamically-produced, organic certified Fazenda Floresta from Bahia State in Northeastern Brazil. Doesn't get much better for single origin espresso cravers.

And the juicy Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Blue Nile back in stock, fresh crop just off the boat, better than ever. I LOVE this coffee.

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"S.O.B" blend debut locally at Market of Choice

by badbeard 19. May 2012 10:09

Tried and true and different, this week we rolled out a fun and espresso-friendly blend of three fine Brazils (from Cerrado, Mogiana and Minas Gerais) plus El Salvador Santa Rita natural process.  SOB indeed, Sweetness Obrigado Brasil! The fruit-bomb El Sal compliments the cocoa puff-chocolate-spicy nature of the Brazils and also makes a richly textured drip or pourover.

Appearing on the Market of Choice shelves in 7 of the 8 Oregon locations! (yes, Ashland peops, tell them they need to join the crowd...we can crack the Southern Oregon code together...)

Online customers, if you are interested write me at

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Chicago here we come again...

by badbeard 1. June 2010 09:57

Buzz: Killer Espresso, 1644 N. Damen Ave in Wicker Park nabe in Chicago will be serving a special Badbeard's all-Brazil espresso this week as well as Kenya Kiambu-Riuki peaberry at the Clever drip station.  For social media savvy and newbies you can follow the feed at

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