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Drink up! Great new coffees are in.

by badbeard 25. January 2015 09:17

Roastery bursting with goodies as promised. The Burundi Dukorere Ikawa and Rwanda Dukunde Kawa are quite special, as are the new Yirgacheffes, natural process bursting with fruity goodness and the washed Grade 2 among the best we've ever tasted. Organic Java Taman Dadar is back for a long run for fans of thicker-bodied brews. New Kenyas being selected for shipment this week...abbondanza and Kenya Kahawa!

Rwanda and up! Intriguing stuff

by badbeard 17. January 2015 09:02

You will soon see the Rwanda and Burundi offerings on the website, but if you have any serious or passing interest in the vicissitudes and technicalities of coffee production in East Africa, I urge you to read this excellent piece by my friends Thompson Owen and Chris Schooley.

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New listings...Decaf Java Blawan Estate, Burundi Gahahe, Brazil Boa Sorte

by badbeard 10. May 2011 21:32

Three new wonderful coffees sure to please the senses.  The Burundi from the Gahahe washing station was requested by a customer who had tried it and we went ahead and bought plenty of this microlot. Washed  Burundi coffees at their best, like this one, offer nice body and mouthfeel and a cupping profile akin to high-grown Yirgacheffes.  We're roasting it on the light side to accentuate the orange and bergamot spectrum.  This super-clean lot came in GrainPro packaging as well as the burlap sack, a sign that the producers think as highly of it as we do.

Blawan Estate is a huge, quasi government-run producer of some of the East Java region's finest coffee, traditionally wet-processed.  The Mountain Water decaffing processing has had very little adverse impact on the cup character...nice body, still plenty of fruit and quite sweet.

Fazenda Boa Sorte hails from Campos Altos, Minas Gerais, and the family-run enterprise of Junior and Betania Acevedo.  This natural process coffee, comprising Tupi and Red Catuai varietals, is fantastic for single origin espresso.