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New from the Far East, end of this week, Nov.28

by badbeard 28. November 2012 23:03

Confident that the Far East region is showing promising coffees, we are saying goodbye to the last few pounds of treasured Sumatra Red Badger for the season and preparing to roll out the red-carpet welcome to an exciting coffee from the island of Java known as "Taman Dadar" (flower garden in the native tongue). We'll expect it in on Friday, Nov. 30 and start rolling it out beginning next week.  This is an organic- and Rainforest Alliance-certified certifed wet-hulled coffee of unusual depth, body and aromatic makeup comprising mostly S795 varietal predominant in the Ijer Plateau plantations in Eastern Java.

Also requisitioning a substantial stash of newbie fave El Salvador Santa Leticia Estate Pacamara.  It will be on special offer at all Oregon Markets of Choice in mid-December...keep your eyes out for the Savories offering!

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Arrivals week of Sept.17

by badbeard 15. September 2012 12:50

Worth the few days extra wait for inventory newbies from Kenya and Colombia and reinforcements from Yirgacheffe and Sumatra.  The Kenya is extra-special indeed.

Badbeard will be out of town from Friday, Sept 25 thru Sept 29th and resuming roasting activities Sept. 30 bright and early.

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Badbeard's debut in Ashland Market of Choice tomorrow

by badbeard 8. August 2012 23:46

Badbeard's Shakespearean characters from Ethiopia (Harar "Queen City"), Brazil ("S.O.B." blend), Nicaragua (Organic "Flor de Cafe") and the current Savories offering Sumatra Red Badger will be available at the Ashland Market of Choice after tomorrow.  Thanks William!

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Sweet new Sumatra Red Badger in the house!

by badbeard 27. July 2012 08:54

Since the catastrophic Indonesian tsunami in 2004 coffees from Sumatra and the Far East in general have been rather spotty in quality.  We are partnering with the importer Red Goni to bring you Red Badger, an excellent product which has restored my faith.  I have always prized the bold-bodied, not-so-earthy and definitely not-so-funky Sumatranas for their appeal in my espresso blends and Red Badger stands out as a single origin coffe with the best of 'em. Spicy and chocolatey.  From the Takengon, Aceh sector and comprising "Old School" Ateng varietal, this triple-picked, semi-washed coffee shows nice depth in th medium-dark roast profile.  

Catch it at most of the Oregon Markets of Choice if you're there...roasted and delivered yesterday.

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