Cold Grinds, Cool Beans...Mas Mocha

NO coffeepocalypse in this crazy COVID-19 period...THERE IS AND WILL BE JAVA!

by badbeard2 21. March 2020 00:05

I have been receiving inquiries from many people wondering if THERE WILL BE ANY COFFEE in the next 2-3 months. We get that there's incredibly exasperating news every day and it's impossible to process it all, but Badbeard has goods and the supply chain, while in turmoil like apparently everything else from TP to unemployment claims, is soldiering on. I have strong local warehouse inventories available and USPS seems to be undaunted getting your orders to you in a timely fashion. Having some quality caffeine to start your day is a good way to avoid total cray. I wear gloves and a mask, sanitize constantly and as long as I can walk and a seven-nation army isn't barring my door I WILL get to the roastery every day. Sure don't have any foreseeable music gigs to play [sigh, SAD]. This is what I do, and will pay it forward by sending extras when they fit in the box and cheerful personal notes, even if we've never met. Trying super-hard to be as positive as possible and wherever possible supporting local businesses..WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! 


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SPRING BREAK...PLEASE NOTE for ordering/shipping week of 4/7

by badbeard 7. April 2014 09:17

Badbeard will be trotting off to NYC from Thursday 4/10 thru 4/16 so orders place by noon Wednesday 4/9 will be roasted and shipped that day. We'll resume the party on Wednesday 4/16. Meanwhile excited to be attending my first Camden Yards Orioles game...Baltimore watch out...Detroit Tigers fan in da house.


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mini flash mob Cello-appearance this Friday, 8/3

by badbeard 31. July 2012 17:09

No, I won't be jumping out of one of Jill Younce's fabulous cheesecakes but certainly close enough to sneak a piece.  Some time around 5:30 during her open house...from Bach to Zepp.

@ Painted Lady Coffeehouse

2045 SE Washington St., Milwaukie, OR

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Bailouts for Arts Organizations??

by badbeard 1. February 2010 16:44

Badbeard's has seen a lot of fundraising activity of late, between the Haitian relief calls and local (Portland, OR) arts organizations.  It's refreshing to see the sacrifices being made by lots of ordinary folks who could use a nice bailout of their own.  Providing java for the Portland Youth Philharmonic gave me the opportunity to hear some of our outstanding local talent, conducted by David Hattner (who happily I knew from NYC freelance music circles of yesteryear). Bravo guys and gals!

We're currently working with some other local roasters and importers on securing some fine Haitian Highland coffees, the logistics for which has of course gotten enormously complicated with the earthquake, aftershocks and general chaos.  So much of the arable land there has been ruined it will be no mean feat for farmers to recover, a nd we will support their rebuilding efforts.  Hopefully our customers will help us with this endeavor...will continue posting on this.  Meanwhile bravos to all who have sacrificed to help the Haitians...especially our Portland-based Mercy Corps.

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First Symphony Blend latte in the Pearl @ Sweet Masterpiece

by badbeard 24. November 2009 10:32

Barista extraordinaire Ty Hauptman makes the first or many elegant lattes to come with Badbeard's new Symphony Blend. Thumbs up from the customers...soon to come a dedicated Symphony Espresso which will incorporate the finest coffees from Brazil, Panama, Sumatra and Ethiopia. 

Baristas beware...Tyler will soon be competing! 

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Support the Oregon Symphony thru coffee purchase

by badbeard 16. November 2009 21:21

In support of my fellow local musicians in the Oregon Symphony it "quid pro joe"....Badbeard's has crafted SYMPHONY, a bold blend of our finest Panama, Sumatra and Ethiopian coffees.  Two dollars for every 1 lb. bag sold will be kicked in to the orchestra's coffers...thinking ahead to the OSO's slated debut in Carnegie Hall in NYC in 2011.  Having performed with these superb musicians over the years Badbeard's roastmaster wants to give back in kind.  We have stepped up efforts with donations in fundraisers for the OSO and will continue to do so in these tough times.  We have a thriving yet struggling arts scene here in Portland and want to keep the trail blazing!  Thanks for all your help!

For those of the no-buzz persuasion, a decaffeinated version of this coffee forthcoming in the next two weeks....

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And you thought the wine business was complicated....

by badbeard 28. July 2009 21:26

well, it is, but take a look at the following article which appeared on the website of the SCAA, the Specialty Coffee Association of America ( ***DISCLAIMER***Badbeard's Coffee is not a SCAA member***

A very thoughtful recitation by Ric Rhinehart, SCAA Executive Director.  There's always supermarket coffee for thr uninterested.  If you're a consciencious coffee consumer, you can read this article and get an idea why your latte is expensive, but remember that were it not for the inherent inequity to the quality coffee grower on a worldwide scale, you'd be paying a lot more.  Kinda like the gasoline disparity between Europe and the US....

Well done, Ric.



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Weinland CD release concert, Badbeard's WEINMARK coffee TBF(featured)

by badbeard 8. April 2009 15:47

What, you didn't know that Weinland's amazing new album "Breaks in the Sun" is getting its birthing partay this weekend at Mississippi Studios in Portland???!!! Get on it!  Tix are blitzing out this week...Saturday night, April 11, two shows...doors at 7.  I'll be playing on a few tunes with the bros...Check out the bar and think past the PBRs for a microsecond...there'll be a large quantity of Weinmark served, and the barfolken promise to come up with some special drinks.  Weinmark, of course, is Badbeard's band tribute coffee, a sumptuous melange of world-class java processed with near-copious quantities of our favorite whiskey.  Somewhere there's an archival CDBaby newsletter opining that Weinmark is the year's most unusual merch table offering.....and locally speaking (we're in there anything NOT about local??) sales of bags of Weinmark generate proportional $$$$ for our favorite local, non-profit teen-mentoring organization, p:ear (  So pick some up and enjoy, support Weinland and p:ear simultaneously. The CD's fabulous, and if you have yet to experience Weinland in concert, NOW'S THE FRIGGIN' TIME dudes!

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Portland Cello Project Holiday Sweater Spectacular show

by badbeard 30. November 2008 09:28
It's always about the sweaters, no?  For the upcoming spectacular at the Aladdin Theater Dec. 5, the peaches n' regalia set that is PCP and collaborators will rock your world.  Tix are going superfast.  First-time collab with the fab Mirah, Justin Power.  Debut of Halo?!  Justin K. playing a movement of Shostakovich Concerto?!  Quelles autres surprises?  Get your assssses there and bring the tackiest seasonal vestments you can find to won't go unnoticed!

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Rockin' music Fridays in Portland

by badbeard 15. October 2008 21:45

"Another tricky Day, For You"

Come hear Beta Collide at the White Stag building atrium in Portland this Friday, Oct. 17.  Trumpeter etc/general genius Brian McWhorter and flutist Molly Barth's (of Grammy-winning ensemble Eighth Blackbird) pet project, this night presenting the landmark Folio by Earle Brown, me on cello, and a dybbuk's-ful of intense musickians, troublemakers and artists partaking.

Willie Week announcement and article

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