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Coming arrival of new crop Honduras from Ernesto Vasquez, Mayra Orellana-Powell speaks!

by badbeard2 9. April 2016 10:46

Got word this week from Mayra Orellana-Powell, marketing manager of our esteemed partners/importers Royal Coffee, that our fave producer, Ernesto Vasquez (farm "El Durazno Melocoton") of the Catracha Coffee Project in Santa Elena, Honduras, produced an excellent lot and it will be making its way here soon. Fantastic coffee...the one we used to produce a coffee beer with collaboration of Jason Webb of Portland's Unicorn Brewing....chocolatey, lively acidity, banana leaf, vanilla. Can't wait! This coffee will make it into our offering sheet as well as the next production run of Badbeard's Coffee Stout, which is currently on tap at the Beaverton Market of Choice.

Mayra is doing amazing things...REAL "eco-activism" for her hometown community of Santa she is addressing an SCAA assembly. Thanks Mayra and husband Lowell Powell and all the besties at Royal!

And you thought the wine business was complicated....

by badbeard 28. July 2009 21:26

well, it is, but take a look at the following article which appeared on the website of the SCAA, the Specialty Coffee Association of America ( ***DISCLAIMER***Badbeard's Coffee is not a SCAA member***

A very thoughtful recitation by Ric Rhinehart, SCAA Executive Director.  There's always supermarket coffee for thr uninterested.  If you're a consciencious coffee consumer, you can read this article and get an idea why your latte is expensive, but remember that were it not for the inherent inequity to the quality coffee grower on a worldwide scale, you'd be paying a lot more.  Kinda like the gasoline disparity between Europe and the US....

Well done, Ric.



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more great coffees in Portland and my base now one step closer to drinking them

by badbeard 18. May 2008 23:06
Dudes, these Cafe Import guys from Minnesota are always on a roll, esp. having just hosted the SCAA show in a big way.  What a classy operation; incredible response time.  Roasted up today all seven and can't wait to cup on Tuesday with Andrea and a couple other roasters.  The Ethiopians looked awesome, but then again everything is a contender.  I can't wait to be able to offer some of these goodies to everyone! As hot as it was in PDX today, especially within close proximity to the roaster, it was worth it.  The Anokhi is still cupping spectacularly intriguing, unforgettable java if ever there was one.  Wild blueberry notes still all there, complexity and mouthfeel yum to boot. Getting to be toddy season, and I'm more determined than ever make iced coffee taste great.

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