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Portland Cello Project Holiday Sweater Spectacular show

by badbeard 30. November 2008 09:28
It's always about the sweaters, no?  For the upcoming spectacular at the Aladdin Theater Dec. 5, the peaches n' regalia set that is PCP and collaborators will rock your world.  Tix are going superfast.  First-time collab with the fab Mirah, Justin Power.  Debut of Halo?!  Justin K. playing a movement of Shostakovich Concerto?!  Quelles autres surprises?  Get your assssses there and bring the tackiest seasonal vestments you can find to won't go unnoticed!

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Portland music scene

Portland Cello Project and related hyper-activity this weekend

by badbeard 20. August 2008 23:30

Tomorrow night, 4 of us PCPers will be playing with local indie/Celtic/postpunk faborama Amadan at the Doug Fir, show starts at 9 PM and Amadan will commence around 10:30ish.  Master fiddler Chad Marks-Fife wrote us into Pishi and Coming Home, and we'll be thrilled to rock with them

Saturday is PCP at Livewire!, playing before a live audience for future broadcast...rumor has it the Dandy Warhols are nigh....

Then the evening concert at the Gerding Theater @ 8 PM, Saturday, what a day.

'twould be excellent, since a PCP4tet will be recording with the DW's on Sunday....they're awesome.

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Portland music scene

international reaction dribbles in to Portland Cello Project

by badbeard 20. July 2008 00:54

Well, we knew that they were watching...taking notice.

Here's Derek Hill's take on the show on

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Portland music scene

Yoshida Brothers at the Aladdin Theater

by badbeard 18. May 2008 23:21
This boffo brother team of shamisen virtuosity will be playing at the Aladdin Theater in SE PDX on Tuesday night.  A 4tet of Portland Cello PRojectians including me will be opening for them   Please come...their traditional stuff is exceedingly cool. Tomorrow we'll be recording Arvo Part's Summa followed by a marathon publicity photo shoot. Mondocello indeed! 

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Hey, it's so freakin' great to be LAUNCHED

by badbeard 8. May 2008 10:05
Launching a website is a good thing, feels like a godshot has been pulled in cyberspace and the judging panel was oohing over the latte art.  Waiting fitfully now for samples of exciting coffees and then the sharing continues with the caffeinated (and non-, I love you guys too!) world.  New crop from Nayarit should be arriving forthwith and am deciding on a number of other new tasty goodies. Balancing with a robust performing schedule can be a beatch, and yet the roasting is the most pacific time of my life.  Looking forward to the Portland Cello Project collaboration with Pink Martini on June 3 at the Crystal Ballroom, and raising lots o' dough for Friends of Trees in the process.

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Weinland CD release

by badbeard 3. March 2008 11:17
Nice to see a wildly successful CD release party for a well-deserving troupe of great folks and musicos.  I'm still unsure, having played two shows at Doug Fir and seen countless more, how they can improve the sonics, but it would be nice considering the quality acts that perform there.  La Lamentor is an excellent album and so glad Adam and gang got to perform in front of such a great crowd.  Get the Molasses out and go buy the damn CD already!  And in August you'll get to hear the cover of Gold with Adam fronting us folks in Portland Cello Project.  Great job Doug Jenkins and Heather Broderick repping the heavy-bass (er, cello) set.

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Portland music scene