Cold Grinds, Cool Beans...Mas Mocha

New stuff justin time for Spring

by badbeard 27. March 2012 01:03

Have been a little lax on the web posting.  Sadly announcing publicly the hard truth that my beloved dad, Jerry, passed away last week.  I owe much of my palate to him, and will soon have a special blend of my finest coffees in his honor.

Meanwhile, new arrivals all over the exceptional Kenya PB, a nice and affordable SO Brazil for 'spro, rocking Papua New Guinea, and reinforcements on the Ethiopian front from the excellent exporter Andulina. Enjoy!  Portland will be hosting the SCAA yearly main event in April and we will be blissfully be overrun with some serious geekiness in the coffee sector, as opposed to the usual geekiness in th coffee sector. Gentlefolks, start your Marzoccos!


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