Cold Grinds, Cool Beans...Mas Mocha

Lots of new stuff and more....Spring has sprung in coffeelandia, Covid-19 be damned!

by badbeard2 24. April 2020 21:54

The production of coffee around the world has been profoundly impacted by the NEW PLAGUE and yet miraculously, containers of fresh harvest have been arriving on North American shores. Our specially-priced Nicaragua Cabo Azul from the 2020 crop is super-fresh and lively and chocolatey. Also in is Sulawesi Toraja Grade 1, and we're celebrating the remarkable turnaround that country has made since the havoc wreaked by the Sept. 28, 2018 earthquake and tsunami with another strong wet-hulled coffee. In the E. Africa representation we have Ethiopia Sidamo Grade 2 from Abdullah Bagersh, a powerhouse in growing and export. Also a new Special du Jour Boutique offering from the Busiga region of Burundi; a women-produced,  triple-washed gem with high tones of citrus and caramelly sweetness.  Yemen Hawari Al-Qafr can be found in the new Rare and Exotic tab.


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