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New arrivals for Spring

by badbeard 1. June 2010 09:29

Great coffees from the current crop cycles seem few and far between but our first will be in-house on Thursday...microlot Mexico Terruño Nayarita natural, certified organic and direct trade, farm- and lot-traceable!  This coffee keeps improving every year, thanks to the assiduous overseeing of Jim Kosalos of Kirkland, WA exclusive  importer of all the coffees from this amazing agro-centric project in Tepic, State of Nayarit.  This year even some Mexico City roasters got a shot to buy it and jumped on some lots.  Other novelty this season for the co-op will be the Mexican Barista Champion appearing at the PortaCafe (complete, self-contained lab for growers, which has also taken off in the industry) to pull shots of espresso for the farmers.  They do need to see and taste the coffee they've labored so hard to produce, rather than just immediately shipping it out after full processing and resting!

To you faithful who have waited for this at Badbeard's I'll be roasting it from Friday on, picking it up Thursday.  It's the most amazing Mexican natural java ever to appear on our shores, and in small quantities.  Quality counts big-time.

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