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Can't keep Starbux out of the negatory news

by badbeard 2. July 2008 09:34

To me this seemingly sinking ship hasn't been doing much right these days, and I'm incredulous that with all their resources they can't seem to sell a decent cup of coffee.  You'd have thought that with their proactive feedback loop they'd be able to calibrate something more acceptable than Pike Place Blend.  I just don't get it how within their annual purchases of 300 million pounds or whatever it is the can't roast decently, but alas, it seems the swill gravy train is losing cars.  With the economy shrinking and every 4 bucks counting a lot more we microroasters who NEVER put out a bad cuppa should prosper?!  When will people en masse cotton onto the idea that they can make GREAT coffee in their own homes?

Fortunately for customers in Seattle they can avoid the original *$%#bucks, walk an extra block or so to Seattle Coffee Works (111 Pike St.), and get treated to something special from Sebastian's amazing Synesso machine.

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