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Portland Cello Project EP release/show at Doug Fir

by badbeard 14. July 2008 11:31

Another AMAZING sold-out show, heralding new faces in the scene for us who added TREMENDOUSLY to the buzz and playing experience.  On a night in PDX with an incredible number of quality, must-see shows, we're so grateful to those who chose to share the night with us.  You rock!

Revelatory were Sophe Lux, Pacific UV, Blue Cranes and Point Juncture, WA, each adding a dimensionality we've not experienced before in our collaborations.  Horsefeathers, well, what can you say...j-man. you're always spectacular.  I'd go see any of our collaborators solo shows in a heartbeat. 


PCP, rocketmen and 'pobitches, awesome.  Thanks Doug Fir!!!!!


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