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WEINLAND end-of-tour concert in Portland at the Aladdin Theater

by Admin 30. June 2008 21:12
What a friggin' great show, credit to all the bands appearing despite veritable exhaustion and enervating hot heat in PDX all day.  There's no place like home, clearly, and the embrace of our local fokels is immense, life-giving.  A total thrill to be onstage with these bands, and thanx to all who invited our (Portland Cello Project quintet) participation and collaboration, which will be eternal.  Norfolk & Western predictably awesome, A Weather fabulous (first time hearing 'em live).  The now-legendary Shearer tour experiential rant-o-spew-arama was like a fragrant bourride of Spalding Gray, Belew's Neurotica, and Trouble from Music Man, unforgettable.  Not even Corey duBrowa's excellent review in today's Oregonian could capture the essence.  Rock on, dogs!

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