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Friday, April 10 2015 arrivals, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural Process Aricha and Sumatra Takengon

by badbeard 9. April 2015 08:53

Aricha is back! Fruit bomb number two of the season, even juicier than the offering from 2 years ago. Our Gelana Abaya natural is all gone but we're thrilled to have yet another exceptional Yirgacheffe taking its place in the rotation. Sumatra Takengon Mandheling from the family-owned and -operated  Jagong Mill, nice sweet notes of butterscotch, chocolate and leather unique to the region.

Exceptional coffees from Sumatra and Guatemala, 7-31-13

by badbeard 30. July 2013 15:40

Excited to offer two really primo coffees, the long-awaited Sumatra "Honey Process" Mandheling and crema de la crema Guat "Finca El Limonar". We have shied away from estate coffees from Guatemala the last couple of years as they were atypically underwhelming, but Limonar is a green-light for sure. Very pleasant and interesting drinking experiences await you.

Sweet new Sumatra Red Badger in the house!

by badbeard 27. July 2012 08:54

Since the catastrophic Indonesian tsunami in 2004 coffees from Sumatra and the Far East in general have been rather spotty in quality.  We are partnering with the importer Red Goni to bring you Red Badger, an excellent product which has restored my faith.  I have always prized the bold-bodied, not-so-earthy and definitely not-so-funky Sumatranas for their appeal in my espresso blends and Red Badger stands out as a single origin coffe with the best of 'em. Spicy and chocolatey.  From the Takengon, Aceh sector and comprising "Old School" Ateng varietal, this triple-picked, semi-washed coffee shows nice depth in th medium-dark roast profile.  

Catch it at most of the Oregon Markets of Choice if you're there...roasted and delivered yesterday.

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New arrivals in time for Labor Day

by badbeard 29. August 2010 01:27

Two awesome, seasonal coffees....smokin' fresh and ready...Ethiopia Guji Sidamo Natural DECAF (Mountain Water Process), still berry-bursting nose and great body.  We thought this fabulously fruity caffeinated coffee was excellent as well...doesn't lose much in the decaf process! Actually came in at a higher 2nd crack temp in the roaster than the caffeinated version.  A real treat for you decaf drinkers...I never thought I'd find a WP coffee THIS good.

New territory for us in Northern Sumatra with the Sidikalang-Dairi" Tabu Jamu", a special project of developer/partner/importer Royal Coffee.  I was thrilled to have this call out to me from the cupping table, as it's not your average joe...the volcanic area around the massive Lake Toba holds some amazing terroir for spicy, heavy-bodied semi-washed coffees without the funk you get in most Mandheling- and Lintong-category offerings.  The Tabu Jamu is a proprietary development between exporter Syahrial and Dody and Royal.  They're both committed to offering a non-earthy Sumatra alternative, and this crop, the third one (since '07)is a fine example.  Wine and coriander and berry notes for the exotic nose, syrupy body with a long and even finish, nice mild acidity.  This'll make a few blends as well, which excited my alchemical side.

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NEW ARRIVALS May 8, 2009

by badbeard 8. May 2009 07:31

New crop (2009) Antigua Pastoral has hit the shores from Guatemala and promises the same beautifully balanced, classic Antigua profile offered in last year's Pastoral.

New for this year is the delicious, full-bore Sumatran offering from the Aceh region.  For more info click here

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