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Fantastic new Ethiopia Yirgacheffe natural process and a bombshell from Nicaragua

by badbeard 19. September 2015 19:10

Another Ethiopian natural fruit bomb new in house from the Torea Station outside of Yirgacheffe town, from the highest plantation elevations we've ever had...2250-2500 meters. In close proximity to the vaunted Idido Mill (once known as "Misty Valley"). NOT-TO-BE-MISSED especially by  fans of our Yirgacheffe Aricha, stocks of which are dwindling. This is a brilliant, exotic cup filled with strawberries and cream and hibiscus notes.

We also got ahold of a wonderful and uniquely flavorful Nicaraguan offering from farmer Oscar Ortez's Finca Ena in Dipilto-Nueva Segovia, home to many of that country's Cup of Excellence winners. The blueberry and citrus notes got us at the cupping table among many lackluster Central American offerings...a no-brainer choice. Delish, lively acidity and excellent body for a pourover.

Friday, April 10 2015 arrivals, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Natural Process Aricha and Sumatra Takengon

by badbeard 9. April 2015 08:53

Aricha is back! Fruit bomb number two of the season, even juicier than the offering from 2 years ago. Our Gelana Abaya natural is all gone but we're thrilled to have yet another exceptional Yirgacheffe taking its place in the rotation. Sumatra Takengon Mandheling from the family-owned and -operated  Jagong Mill, nice sweet notes of butterscotch, chocolate and leather unique to the region.