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The Baristas are Coming! The Baristas are Coming!

by badbeard 26. February 2009 08:28

No, not the movie. but the convening of the 2009 US Barista championship (USBC) at the Portland Convention Center from March 4 thru 6.  Should be an interesting and entertaining event, what with the new presence of the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia as the espresso machine at the forefront.  I've heard generally favorable reviews of the machine from more than a few Marzocco & Synesso regulars.

On Friday, March 5 at the noon-one thirty PM slot, Badbeard's will be offering a special Deep Cello espresso blend and a Daterra espresso blend for the 4th machine station, among the many NW and other roasters invited to kick in their offerings.  Stud-barista-in-the-making Ty Hauptman will be serving up killer shots and stuff, then repairing over to NE to work on his chest ink.

Thanks Phuong Tran!  Good luck to all the competitors!!  

PS....congrats to the Billy Wilson family on their 2 day old, 7#, 10oz capuccina, LOLA!!!!

Lava Java cupping notes

by badbeard 30. August 2008 11:34

Phuong Tran, master barista (2005 US Champion) and her cupping staff couldn't have been nicer and more thorough in assaying some recent Badbeard's offerings.  Full disclosure; I sent these off to her after a recent visit to Lava Java (just off the I-5 at exit 14, Ridegefield, WA), where I enjoy the ambiance, good laughs, and total coffee geekiness!

From her phone report yesterday:

Brazil yellow bourbon decaf Marzocco shots); smooth, nice body and color.

Kenya Thangathi microlot: smooth, full-bodied, nice gentle acidity, tomato skin, grapefruit

Friday shots of Deep Cello espresso with Kenya Thangathi: Sweet from 1st sip, classic, dry finish, fruity, toasted bread

Sunday shots: Nice creamy body, clean finish, sweet, dark chocolate, aromatics of grapefruit, pomegranate,alder smoke.


Sunday capuccino (prepared by Cam) ["should've been hotter, dude!"] Dark chocolate pops through the milk!

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Seattle CoffeeFest drawing near

by badbeard 20. August 2008 23:36

This should be fun as usual, though sadly the predominant trade show themes appear to have almost nothing to do with coffea per se, 98% ancillary stuff.  amazing to see how much evolution and pure product/marketing has taken over.  Can't forget that Andrea and I first encountered Mercanta and their exceptional green and great people just last year, and have enjoyed Finca La Perla, a host of great Brazils, and recently the exceptional Kenya Thangathi microlot.

Rumor has it the barista competition might not even transpire there this year, although it's always a pleasure to see the baristi maestri at their best. After last week seen her shining-smile best, Phuong Tran and Cam and the Lava Javans of Ridgefield, WA are always a treat to be with and talk coffee.

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