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Seattle CoffeeFest drawing near

by badbeard 20. August 2008 23:36

This should be fun as usual, though sadly the predominant trade show themes appear to have almost nothing to do with coffea per se, 98% ancillary stuff.  amazing to see how much evolution and pure product/marketing has taken over.  Can't forget that Andrea and I first encountered Mercanta and their exceptional green and great people just last year, and have enjoyed Finca La Perla, a host of great Brazils, and recently the exceptional Kenya Thangathi microlot.

Rumor has it the barista competition might not even transpire there this year, although it's always a pleasure to see the baristi maestri at their best. After last week seen her shining-smile best, Phuong Tran and Cam and the Lava Javans of Ridgefield, WA are always a treat to be with and talk coffee.

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