Cold Grinds, Cool Beans...Mas Mocha


by badbeard2 9. March 2018 13:18

The wait for the cafe is finally over...Abundancia Coffee Boutique, home of Badbeard's roasting facility, has soft-opened, here at 5829 SE Powell Blvd. Portland 97206. My coffee partner Faisal, whose exceptional family Kenya coffees we have carried for a couple years now, is as hopped up as I am.

Official Grand Opening date tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, March 28, and I will update here.

We will be featuring many fabulous and boutique Rocket espresso machine is purring. The cool Curtis Seraphim 2-headed pourover prepares in all manner of methods. We will have light fare (no space for a kitchen, so we are limited to fine offerings from purveyors around the city) and beer/wine/cider. There will (eventually!) be 8 beer taps offering our collaborative coffee beers from Unicorn and 54_40, and a steady rotation of the country's best craft offerings (several 2018 Good Food Award winners are ordered up). Please stop by if you're in the area! Very friendly staff! 


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