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by badbeard2 9. March 2018 13:00

Couple of notes on existing stocks...temporarily discontinuing the Filtropa #4 filters for awhile as we await a shipment from Holland...might be a couple of months!

Our award-winning Colombia Narino Galeras will be back in stock middle of next week...flew off the shelves!

This Sunday, March 11, Ecliptic Brewing in Portland is site of the 4th Annual Baker's Dozen Coffee Beers/Beers/Donuts/Coffee event. We will be offering "Bad Manuka"; a collaboration with excellent  54_40 Brewery (Washougal, WA), brewsmith John Lovegrove tipping his hat to his homeland, New Zealand, with his contribution of whiskey-soaked Manuka chips, and yours truly with a combo of Papua New Guinea Kiam and Colombia Finca Florida Pink Bourbon. Totally delicious. We will be ordering up some future batches to serve at the cafe, where the tap list will be growing...


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