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Attention Decaf fanciers

by badbeard 20. January 2010 08:18

The long-awaiting organic Nicaragua CO2-process decaf is in-store and ready for consumption either straight up or in the Ultimate Decaf, where it is happily wed to offerings from Peru and Sumatra. The decision to have three excellent decafs has been driven by customers who were tired of their relatively-tasteless coffees wherever they are!

To refresh, the supercritical CO2 processing of these organic coffees takes place in the US at the Maximus plant in Houston, TX, making it the only American coffee production facility in mainland USA.  We source organic offerings because they start out as great green coffee and seem to hold up better to all decaffing processes than non-organic, and thanks to our partner Elan Organic in San Diego for their assiduous work on behalf of consumers and coffee producers around the world!

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