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Far East coffee deets

by badbeard 14. July 2013 13:42

Organic Flores Bajawa is officially gone for the season. Soon to arrive a honey-process Sumatra which we've been waiting for for months...blame the sequester, which had tied up and backlogged western port administration.

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New arrivals 6-24...Organic Colombia Ocamonte and decaf Papua New Guinea

by badbeard 24. June 2013 14:16

Off the boat fressssssh and yumbo Organic Colombia of 100% Castillo varietal, which will be on special Savories offer at all Markets of Choice starting July 12, but "previews" of course available. a lovely full bodies and fruity certified organic and Fair Trade coffee for a really great price.

The MWP Papua New Guinea decaf is fantastic, from one of our favorite Esates.

Brief Hiatus: 6/6-6/10

by badbeard 5. June 2013 15:23

Folks, will be out of town and resume roasting and shipping. On Tuesday, June 11.---badbeard


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Tomorrow 5/30/13 welcoming Rwanda Gitesi washing station excellence!

by badbeard 29. May 2013 23:48

A limited offering of an exceptional coffee from Rwanda, bringing back memories of the Rwabisindu we had a couple of years ago. This joe is a rock our Kenya Ruera Estate, smack-in-the-face citrus notes yet intrinsically sweet.

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Unique S.O. Brazil espresso in house today!

by badbeard 16. May 2013 23:09

Welcome mat rolled out today for the biodynamically-produced, organic certified Fazenda Floresta from Bahia State in Northeastern Brazil. Doesn't get much better for single origin espresso cravers.

And the juicy Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Blue Nile back in stock, fresh crop just off the boat, better than ever. I LOVE this coffee.

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HOT FLASH...Going out of town Thursday May 9...last chance orders shipping/roasting tomorrow

by badbeard 7. May 2013 16:26

Hey there Badbeardians, gotta chill for a few days and head out to lovely Chapel Hill, NC to witness my stepson's UNC Law School graduation...yay Maaatthew! Will be roasting and shipping any and all orders placed before Wednesday, May 8 but not again til Tuesday May 14. In the next life I'll try to be in two places at once, or better yet, have a roasting beotch.

This will be posted on the last page of the order checkout box as well.


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Yirgacheffe Blue Nile backorder, Sumatra Honey Mandheling

by badbeard 1. May 2013 11:22

Will be replenishing the outstanding Yirgacheffe Blue Nile in a couple of weeks with the new crop offering...sold out. Also hope to introduce the complex "honey process" Sumatra Mandheling, a pirated brief description from Royal Coffees info portal..."This coffee is processed in a unique style, which we doubt is found anywhere else in the world. It begins with ripe cherries from the Bener Meriah District being run through hand-cranked de-pulpers to remove the skins. This is followed by a “dry” fermentation overnight. No water is added at any stage. On the second day, the parchment, still covered in sticky mucilage, is laid out on the drying patios. The coffee is dried to below 30% moisture content and then wet-hulled in the traditional Sumatra style, after which it returns to the patios for final drying of the green beans. So, in effect, this is a Dry-Fermented/Pulped-Natural/Wet-Hulled coffee. Definitely an advanced level of coffee processing which yields quite a unique final product." (courtesy exclusive importer Royal Coffee, Emeryville, CA)

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New Kenya estate coffees in-house

by badbeard 23. April 2013 11:14

Happy to have very nice Peaberry Kenyas from Oaklands and Ruera Estates in stock! These are vivid cups in all respects, and belie the gloom and doom of the lowered quality and price indices coming out of the recent Nairobi Coffee Auction reports. Reposting the Bloomberg entry for today, which is really for commodity trader-types. Coffee lovers will be very pleased with these new offerings.

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"Coffee Rust" and its impacts, continuing bad news...

by badbeard 23. April 2013 11:10

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Coffee growing in the Rust Belt"

by badbeard 16. April 2013 14:01

All you biologists-in-the-closet have doubtless heard something in the press about the devastating fungal outbreak of "Coffee Rust" being experienced by particularly hard-hit Central America and Mexico. States of Emergency in the coffee sector have been announced in Guatemala and other affected countries. The is a very interesting and thoughtful article here which merits reading for the curious and concerned.  The pic is what it looks like.  Our coffees were all produced and harvested prior to this outbreak and we have our collective roasting fingers crossed that the blight is successfully dealt with in the next year.

Coffee rust pic.jpg (49.19 kb)


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