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Important note for local pickup...we've moved!

by badbeard 9. December 2013 23:42

Badbeard's has firmly relocated to 12017 NE Sumner St. in Portland, 97220 as of December 2013...if you want to come visit, please contact Justin beforehand!

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November arrivals: Sumatra Tabu Jamu and Yirgacheffe Kochere coming

by badbeard 10. November 2013 17:44

With supplies of our Sumatra Bodhi Peaberry and Honey Process Mandheling dwindling we thought it provident to bring back the Sidikalang (Sumatra) Tabu Jamu, which we enjoy drinking as much as saying over and over. Arrival 11/12/13 with a fresh stash of the exceptional Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere. The latter is Grade 1 (we've had Grade 2 previously) and quite similar in cup profile to the vaunted Blue Nile Yirg (supply down to about 15 pounds...first come first serve!)which so many have raved about to me.

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My goodness, killer Ethiopia Yirgacheffe natural and Guatemala Fraijanes

by badbeard 26. October 2013 11:10

Two new arrivals Oct. 23, the amazing fruit monster "Aricha" dry process Yirgacheffe, one of the best ever from that bountiful land, and a chocolate bar-in-a-cup "Palo Alto Azul" from Finca Agua Tibia in the Fraijanes Plateau region outside of Guatemala City. The Guat will be available at local Market of Choice in Oregon in the Savories special at the beginning of November.

New arrivals 9-17-13....very special coffees! Yum!

by badbeard 17. September 2013 23:28

Three stellar coffees from Panama (Los Lajones Estate Honey Process), El Salvador (Finca La Arada Pacas Honey Process) and Sumatra (Bodhi Peaberry). All exceptional and very limited quantities. Not to be missed...thanks to new contact-direct trade importer Bodhi Leaf Trading in Placentia, guys rock! Honey processing has become a very popular and significant development in Central America and we want to encourage these extraordinary farmers for their commitment to exceptional cup quality and sustainable farming practices. A cool video of the process can be seen here, Graciano Cruz of HiU coffee in Panama & El Salvador is a great proponent of both honey and natural processing, which are significantly environmentally impacting in water management. Graciano we salute you!

Exceptional coffees from Sumatra and Guatemala, 7-31-13

by badbeard 30. July 2013 15:40

Excited to offer two really primo coffees, the long-awaited Sumatra "Honey Process" Mandheling and crema de la crema Guat "Finca El Limonar". We have shied away from estate coffees from Guatemala the last couple of years as they were atypically underwhelming, but Limonar is a green-light for sure. Very pleasant and interesting drinking experiences await you.

Far East coffee deets

by badbeard 14. July 2013 13:42

Organic Flores Bajawa is officially gone for the season. Soon to arrive a honey-process Sumatra which we've been waiting for for months...blame the sequester, which had tied up and backlogged western port administration.

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New arrivals 6-24...Organic Colombia Ocamonte and decaf Papua New Guinea

by badbeard 24. June 2013 14:16

Off the boat fressssssh and yumbo Organic Colombia of 100% Castillo varietal, which will be on special Savories offer at all Markets of Choice starting July 12, but "previews" of course available. a lovely full bodies and fruity certified organic and Fair Trade coffee for a really great price.

The MWP Papua New Guinea decaf is fantastic, from one of our favorite Esates.

Brief Hiatus: 6/6-6/10

by badbeard 5. June 2013 15:23

Folks, will be out of town and resume roasting and shipping. On Tuesday, June 11.---badbeard


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Tomorrow 5/30/13 welcoming Rwanda Gitesi washing station excellence!

by badbeard 29. May 2013 23:48

A limited offering of an exceptional coffee from Rwanda, bringing back memories of the Rwabisindu we had a couple of years ago. This joe is a rock our Kenya Ruera Estate, smack-in-the-face citrus notes yet intrinsically sweet.

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Unique S.O. Brazil espresso in house today!

by badbeard 16. May 2013 23:09

Welcome mat rolled out today for the biodynamically-produced, organic certified Fazenda Floresta from Bahia State in Northeastern Brazil. Doesn't get much better for single origin espresso cravers.

And the juicy Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Blue Nile back in stock, fresh crop just off the boat, better than ever. I LOVE this coffee.

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