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Supply Chain! Supply Chain! Long rant--

by badbeard2 13. November 2021 12:37

Hard to avoid hearing in the news about supply chain woes besetting just about every aspect of manufacturing world-wide. The coffee sector is no exception, and while we've been rolling with the gut punches since the pandemic woes struck, things have gotten worse. The principal driver of the market cray was Brazil's frost announcement many months ago, which roiled the commodity markets as the prospect of a future shortfall minimally a billion pounds of way for the rest of the producing world to make up for it...

Much "panic" buying has ensued, especially among large coffee roasters who depend on future supply of green, without which they can't run, or plan. "Spot" coffee is in the biz what's sitting in a warehouse and available (at higher prices of course, these days), so things that would be available in my market for weeks or months sometimes disappear overnight, and even before being unloaded at said warehouses. As small an operation at I/Badbeard's am/is, it has been a rollercoaster, and hence why often the coffees you're receiving from me are not the ones you selected. I try to keep enough same-country offerings around as is humanly possible but it's a stretch, and also [mea culpa] why I have been lax updated the website.

Bear with me please! This is what I do, with great passion and integrity, and I try to please as many old customers and newbies alike with the world's finest java.


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