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Far East redux...arrivals next week..

by badbeard2 25. October 2018 18:07

Too sad....after reading an industry supply article a few weeks ago I went in search of some nice Sulawesi coffees, absent here for far too long, and found raves. Then suddenly, on Sept. 28, came the devastating earthquake and resultant tsunami which resulted in major loss of life and a crippling of infrastructure. The crop cycle was in the thick of harvest and production and while most farms weren't directly hit, Sulawesi's already-frail infrastructure has been dealt a crippling blow. Think Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico...  Next week we will be offering the Sulawesi Sapan with a heavy heart...this coffee left the port there only a couple of months ago. No doubts the North Tana Toraja Region will be feeling the impacts for years. Our great friends at importer (of this and many of our coffees) Royal Coffee in Emeryville, CA has made charitable contributions towards $50,000 in the relief efforts through Doctors Without Borders (Medecin Sans Frontieres) and we couldn't NOT pony up as well. Do what you can! For more info see this link

Papua New Guinea was not directly impacted by the above-mentioned storms and tsunami. We will have an exceptional PNG Plantation Peaberry in stock by next Wednesday to take the place of the PNG Kiam, which is now currently out of stock.



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