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New on the radar...nanolot Colombia and Yemen

by badbeard2 18. November 2016 10:56

What's a nanolot? No, nothing to do with your Apple microdevices, merely exceedingly small, select lots of coffee from either limited varietals or special production values. Colombia Pink Bourbon falls into the former category...a naturally-occurring mutation of Yellow and Red Bourbon grown on only a few farms in Colombia's highlands. Thought to be very resistant to the dreaded Roya fungus which gutted so much coffee production, the Pink refers to the color of the ripe cherry only. Large screen size and constitution like Kenya AA, and not altogether different on the cupping table...bright, jammy, floral, and chocolately. Only 152 full sack...even came into the country from this part of Pitalito, Huila Department.

Our Yemen Mocca Hayma Al-Roowad is also highly many troubles in that country it's a small miracle they're even producing and exporting anything, much less coffee of this quality. An exceptional Yemen...some of the most complex beans on the planet! As always, handpicked and dried on the rooftops of the growers' homes! Dense and rich as all get-out.


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