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Industry kudos for Colombia Pink Bourbon for Pink Lemonade Project benefit

by badbeard2 11. February 2021 14:47

I knew the Colombia Finca El Danubio Pink Bourbon was a fabulous coffee from the first roast and sip...everything I source from my delightful trading partner Traviesa Coffee in Manizales is special. When I learned that industry heavy Coffee Review was doing a special piece on single-farm Colombia I rushed a sample in for consideration, where after going through their rigorous trials it received 93 points (out of 100). Many of you who have already purchased this fine coffee have sent props...much appreciated! You're not alone out there!

Don't take my word for it, read the review here. But please read the entire article as it affords a window into the doings of exceptional producers, most of them smallholder farmers, and the roasters all over the world who prize these beans.

The beneficiary of sales profits for the Finca El Danubio Pink B. will continue to be Pink Lemonade Project of Vancouver, WA. When the Finca El Danubio runs out, which will be soon (down to a mere 45 lbs) we will bring in another special Pink Bourbon and continue sending $$$ to PLP to further their efforts on behalf of breast cancer survivors.


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