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Kenya Peaberry is in!

by badbeard2 24. February 2017 00:43

It seemed like a herculean effort for our LTL shipper to deliver the stash of fabuloso Kenya Peaberry from our esteemed partner-in-bean-crime Matthew Mugo, but I took it in today, Feb. 23. The designation Riamute (for the farm) only tells half the also bears the tag Kathunguri ("rough road!"), which references both the highest elevation and the most difficult section to farm. Beautiful coffee! Cup notes of black currant, dark chocolate and lavender. Recommended for pourover/drip but will also roast darker for espresso if specified in your order. This coffee will also replace Mugo's SL34 AA Kiambu (so sad to see it go!) in the Hotshot Espresso, combined with Brazil Fazenda Rainha Yellow Bourbon pulped natural.


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