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by badbeard2 14. April 2018 20:59

Two gone (Grand Reserve and Blue Mountain) and one new one in, Konyu AA. I'm a fan of the Konyu and only got a miniscule amount of it, too little to list as an inventory item since it usually flies out. However, you dedicated fans, while I have it please order Special du Jour Deluxe and specify you want it in the order notes. Meanwhile, as new beauties roll into the 'States, stay tuned, we'll get you something!

Awaiting early next week a fantastic and exotic Nicaragua Red Pacamara natural process from Finca Limoncillo as well as one of the only Sumatras I will carry for a while, Kerincze wet-hulled. The bleakness of the Sumatra crop this year has definitely taken its facing greater-than-imagined shortfalls owing to superabundant rainfall and production value issues.


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