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Arrivals, last ditch rush orders still screams HAPPY HOLIDAYS

by badbeard2 16. December 2017 21:33

Most recent sample arrivals were two excellent Papua New Guinea coffees, Kiam and Marenban Estate,  both from the Eastern Highlands region. The (washed process) Kiam is  big-bodied and citrussy sweet and offered stand-alone. The Marenban is going to be reserved for blends (Archipelagos Anonymous and Midnight Tango, This is My Espresso in a darker roast profile and a light-medium touch for This Is MY House) although I must say it's top-shelf...just had to choose which to lay in with in quantity. Have always been fond of this country's production and gluttinous for good Far East coffees in general. While watching an early episode in Season 2 of "The Crown" there was a scene in PNG, in the 50s, when peoples in "tribal dress"...this being in the late '50s....were still "emblematic" of New Guinea, as it was known. A very rich place culturally and agronomically! Helped in my decision-making process!

We're now out of Colombia Pink Bourbon, a real hit from past months, but happy to report that it will again be arriving in late Jan./early Feb. 2018...currently sailing the high seas, headed to the US on a container ship.


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