Cold Grinds, Cool Beans...Mas Mocha

Hey, it's so freakin' great to be LAUNCHED

by badbeard 8. May 2008 10:05
Launching a website is a good thing, feels like a godshot has been pulled in cyberspace and the judging panel was oohing over the latte art.  Waiting fitfully now for samples of exciting coffees and then the sharing continues with the caffeinated (and non-, I love you guys too!) world.  New crop from Nayarit should be arriving forthwith and am deciding on a number of other new tasty goodies. Balancing with a robust performing schedule can be a beatch, and yet the roasting is the most pacific time of my life.  Looking forward to the Portland Cello Project collaboration with Pink Martini on June 3 at the Crystal Ballroom, and raising lots o' dough for Friends of Trees in the process.

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