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Naturally Nirvana blend rated in December Coffee Review online

by badbeard 3. December 2008 09:17

The hedonist in me pointedly differs with the assessment appearing in the December online Coffee Review ( of exotic offerings.  The aroma of this blend of Mexico Terruño Nayarita natural and India Anokhi liberica is defiantly unique, IMHO, and an exceedingly rich and balanced cup of coffee with great mouthfeel.  I have prepared straight espresso shots of this blend and it has serious legs!  Arguably the best way to experience the Anokhi (in a blended format), although I absolutely love it straight up, as do several of my customers who find it to be one of the world's great java experiences.  The Anokhi aromatics appear as well in the Deep Cello espresso.  Try it yourself!

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