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Kenya Peaberry is in!

by badbeard2 24. February 2017 00:43

It seemed like a herculean effort for our LTL shipper to deliver the stash of fabuloso Kenya Peaberry from our esteemed partner-in-bean-crime Matthew Mugo, but I took it in today, Feb. 23. The designation Riamute (for the farm) only tells half the also bears the tag Kathunguri ("rough road!"), which references both the highest elevation and the most difficult section to farm. Beautiful coffee! Cup notes of black currant, dark chocolate and lavender. Recommended for pourover/drip but will also roast darker for espresso if specified in your order. This coffee will also replace Mugo's SL34 AA Kiambu (so sad to see it go!) in the Hotshot Espresso, combined with Brazil Fazenda Rainha Yellow Bourbon pulped natural.


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Kenya ins and outs

by badbeard2 12. February 2017 13:22

Sadly our stellar Kenya AA Kiambu is officially out-of-stock. We loved it and gleefully await producer Matthew Mugo's current crop offering, literally making its way to Portland on the ironically slow-as-molasses service Roadrunner. Beep-Beep, next week TBA we'll crank out Mugo's stellar Peaberry...stay tuned!


Stellar Organics arriving 2-1-17 Bedhatu Jibicho Yirgacheffe natural process and PNG Timuza A/X

by badbeard2 31. January 2017 21:56

Great way to kick off February with intake of certified organic Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea coffees. Our fave Chelbesa, now out of stock, bumped off the top of the ladder by Bedhatu's exceptional, single-farm, raised bed-dried Yirg Grade 1. Notes of blueberry are not so common outside of the Harar region, but this coffee has it and much more.

No sooner had our stocks of Papua New Guinea Keto-Tapasi dwindled then we found another beautiful, fully washed coffee, from a relatively new cooperative called Timuza from the Eastern Highlands. Somewhat brighter than the Keto...might have something to do with the use of custom bilum bags in the fermentation process...and very fruit-forward and rich.



The face of Ethiopia

by badbeard2 26. January 2017 17:38

Behold the fierce, legendary Ethiopian coffee warrior Bedhatu Jibicho, master of the farm. A member of the Banko Gutiti cooperative close to her terroir, she has been growing great coffee on a 23-hectare plot since the 1960s. Her naturals and washed are legendary, and we luckily snagged some, arriving early next week. Blueberries a featured profile note. We ran out of our favored Chelbesa natural this week and always have to have the BEST in-house!@


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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gelana Abaya Gr. 2, Pride Mill, arrived mid. January 2017

by badbeard2 22. January 2017 17:19

Rest assured coffees like this new Yirg from Gelana Abaya are great discussion-starters. The Pride Mill is of relatively recent vintage, and sits around 7,000 feet near the base of Mt. Lato Samalo. Great cupping notes for fans of Yirgacheffe....this is the 31st different Yirgacheffe (counting both washed and naturals) we've handling since our start 11 years ago. Never enough!


New microlot Colombia Finca La Paz, women producers

by badbeard2 11. January 2017 11:40

Colombia is becoming my favorite origin country for exceptional smallholder coffee lots. We just took in Finca La Paz, a microlot production of a de facto women-only farm. Superb. Nice body and aromatics in the light-medium roast. Bravissima senoras!!


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2016, sorry to see you go?! Book soon!

by badbeard2 23. December 2016 22:02

Another banner year at Badbeard's, loads of great new customers and coffees.  Last day to order coffees for 2016 will be Monday, Dec. 26, before 1 PM if you can! After that we'll resume 1/1/2017...starting the new year right! Enjoy your families and friends!


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December.. new offerings from Brazil, Ethiopia and Flores

by badbeard2 8. December 2016 00:06

Some excellent coffees rolled in today, Dec. 7; a 100% pulped natural Yellow Bourbon from esteemed Brazil farm Fazenda Rainha, winner of many prizes in both Brazil Specialty Coffee Association and Cup of Excellence competitions, lovely s.o. espresso; rockin' Ethiopia Guji Shakiso and Organic Flores from Wongawali Ngura.

A lot of something for everybody! Happy holidays to all...remember that starting the day with a cup of Badbeard's is a surefire way to get your day off to a good start.


Badbeard's special coffee/beer collab debuting at 2016 Portland Winter Ale Festival

by badbeard2 30. November 2016 17:04

Most beer lovers have come across the occasional bottle with coffee as a prominent "flavorer", usually in heavy Stouts or Porters. My friends at powerhouse Worthy Brewing in Bend decided to go in a new direction for their debut "French Press Dark Saison" offering for the 11/30-12/4 Holiday Ale Festival, the annual open-to-the-public event at Pioneer Courthouse Square showcasing at least 50 special seasonal beers. Badbeard's contribution to this project is a cold-brewed elixir of two awesome Ethiopian coffees from the Yirgacheffe area..Washed YirgZ and Natural Process Dumerso Grade 1, both available on the website. Heading over to Pioneer Plaza tonight to try it for the first time! Thanks to brewmaster Dustin Kellner and gang for taking the plunge!

You can also purchase on tap Badbeard's Coffee Milk Stout, produced by Jason Webb at PDX's Unicorn Brewing, at the Unicron/Portland U-Brew taproom in Sellwood and at Markets of Choice in Bend and Beaverton. This is an altogether different coffee stout, made with the fabulous single farm Honduras "Ernesto Vasquez", one of our favorite coffees ever.


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New on the radar...nanolot Colombia and Yemen

by badbeard2 18. November 2016 10:56

What's a nanolot? No, nothing to do with your Apple microdevices, merely exceedingly small, select lots of coffee from either limited varietals or special production values. Colombia Pink Bourbon falls into the former category...a naturally-occurring mutation of Yellow and Red Bourbon grown on only a few farms in Colombia's highlands. Thought to be very resistant to the dreaded Roya fungus which gutted so much coffee production, the Pink refers to the color of the ripe cherry only. Large screen size and constitution like Kenya AA, and not altogether different on the cupping table...bright, jammy, floral, and chocolately. Only 152 full sack...even came into the country from this part of Pitalito, Huila Department.

Our Yemen Mocca Hayma Al-Roowad is also highly many troubles in that country it's a small miracle they're even producing and exporting anything, much less coffee of this quality. An exceptional Yemen...some of the most complex beans on the planet! As always, handpicked and dried on the rooftops of the growers' homes! Dense and rich as all get-out.


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