Cold Grinds, Cool Beans...Mas Mocha

Almost there....but must shut down online ordering for a few days!

by badbeard2 8. May 2017 17:55

This has been an arduous transition for me trying to get the new space initiated. I hardly expected it to be trouble-free...but several unforeseeable circumstances beyond my control have forced my hand. The roaster ("Heisenbeard") is going to be moved tomorrow while new gas and HVAC work is completed.  Portland is probably not the only West Coast with great sensitivities on the seismic front but there are very recently-implemented building code mods which impact "small appliances" like 5 kg. coffee roasters. All the ducks will line up in a row eventually this week, inspections and protocols met, and we will be resuming normal operations.

Will post on the blog about restart date but orders placed tonight onward CAN NOT BE PHYSICALLY ROASTED. Think good thoughts for yon Badbeard, your humble coffee servant! If you hear someone screaming AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH outside in Portland it's probably me, and no, it won't be because I'm doing anything pirate-y. Thanks for your understanding!---Justin


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