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Hipster cred amongst the micro-roasters

by badbeard 7. April 2011 06:32

Nice shout out from Ben Waterhouse in Willamette Week 4/6/11, in his "Seven Habits For Highly Caffeinated People". Says Waterhouse:

Badbeard’s Microroastery (, operated by Portland Cello Project co-founder Justin Kagan, is slightly better-known, having entered the game in 2006. But no other roaster has produced a Maker’s Mark-infused blend for Portland band Weinland, and that hipster cred counts for a lot.

He goes on to talk about the hipster hype of the "fourth wave" of coffee evolving around Stumptown-spawn micro-roasters, DIY "greenies" home roasters, and high-end brewing hardware, and rhetorically asks "are we taking things too far?". Well, we can't speak for others, but our roasters all set to "11"!


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