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Stellar Organics arriving 2-1-17 Bedhatu Jibicho Yirgacheffe natural process and PNG Timuza A/X

by badbeard2 31. January 2017 21:56

Great way to kick off February with intake of certified organic Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea coffees. Our fave Chelbesa, now out of stock, bumped off the top of the ladder by Bedhatu's exceptional, single-farm, raised bed-dried Yirg Grade 1. Notes of blueberry are not so common outside of the Harar region, but this coffee has it and much more.

No sooner had our stocks of Papua New Guinea Keto-Tapasi dwindled then we found another beautiful, fully washed coffee, from a relatively new cooperative called Timuza from the Eastern Highlands. Somewhat brighter than the Keto...might have something to do with the use of custom bilum bags in the fermentation process...and very fruit-forward and rich.



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