Cold Grinds, Cool Beans...Mas Mocha

Nothing lasts forever...

by badbeard2 23. September 2017 13:02

Well of course, but definitely rockstar Ethiopia natural process Hafursa...way too popular! We'll surely bring this coffee back next year. The Gelana Abaya natural process Yirgacheffe is also a fantastic coffee, quite similar to the Hafursa, so we hope diehards will give it a try.

Also took in reinforcements aplenty of Alfred Klein's Mexico Altura gem, Finca San Carlos, and wish him, his farm, and everyone else in Chiapas and the rest of Mexico the bessssst in recovering from the recent tumult in the Earth. ÌÌ VIVA MEXICO!!

New Kenyas will be in next week...some logistical snafus have kept my grubby little mitts off these coffees for too long! But patience will be rewarded...


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