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Newest tasty inventory additions: Colombia, Rwanda and Ethiopia

by badbeard2 2. June 2020 00:09

2020 harvest coffees have begun arriving, and the newest additions are

Colombia Finca Buenaventura (Anselma, Caldas Dept.)...the producer is a dynamic young woman, Luz Angela Martinez Restrepo, who continues a multi-generational family farm producing first-class coffee. Sweet and fruity.

Rwanda Rulindo Tumba replaces Kivu Kageyo in our washed offerings (we also have a  Rwanda decaf). A delicious, bold-flavored heavy cup of goodness with the unique-to-East Africa flavor of fine Rwandan Bourbon types varietal.

Ethiopia Gedeb (Banko Gotiti) Natural Process comes from the hand of farmer Asfaw Maru,who produces a goodly quantity (9K kg.) of this fruit bomb. Blueberries are in season!


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